The Young Bucks – The Rise of Two Good Christian Boys from Southern California

Every time The Young Bucks come out to the ring, they come out to thunderous applause and adulation. Matt and Nick Jackson are two of the most talented individuals to hit a wrestling ring, and from a young age, they were born to shine.

In 2001, in their backyard was where brothers Matt, Nick and their younger brother Malachi began to learn everything to do with wrestling. In 2004, Matt opened up his own wrestling company called High Risk Wrestling. Originally Matt was the owner and then Nick, Malachi and their friend Dustin Cutler took over. Each time they wrestled, Matt and Nick perfected their skill. It took till 2005 until they began to call themselves The Young Bucks and then at a later date a promoter suggested the surname Jackson for them and it became notorious for the brothers. In 2007, they teamed with Marty Janettey to take on and defeat Joey Ryan, Karl Anderson and Diablo, High Risk Wrestling shut down in 2009.

In 2007, The Young Bucks debuted in Pro Wrestling Guerilla (PWG) and it was there the brothers began to really shine, it was in 08, after defeating Jimmy Jacobs and Tyler Black (Seth Rollins), that The Bucks became PWG World Tag Team Champions. One of their biggest accomplishments in PWG was winning the DDT4 Tournament, defeating; Dustin and Brandon Cutler, Kenny Omega and Chuck Taylor and finally Bryan Danielson and Roderick Strong. All these title defences happened in one night.

In 09, after teaming with and turning on Brian Kendrick, The Bucks announced they were signing with TNA and would now be known as Max and Jeremy of Generation Me. TNA failed to make stars of them after many unsuccessful title attempts and monetary issues. It was unsurprising when they asked for their release.

The Bucks also debuted in Ring Of Honor (ROH) in 09, and although it took until 2014, for them to win tag team gold, they were finally a lot happier wrestling. The Young Bucks also wrestled for companies such as Chikara and Dragon Gate both in America and Japan. It’s little wonder that New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) gained interest in the brothers in 2013, where they joined the heel stable Bullet Club. After winning the Super Jr Tag Tournament, they earned a shot at the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Championship which they won (defeating Taichi and Taka Michinoku), it would be the first of seven Junior Heavyweight Championship reigns for The Bucks.

In 2016, with new Bullet Club leader (and long time friend) Kenny Omega, they formed The Elite, a trio promising to bring the best in professional wrestling. The Elite got tag gold as the NEVER Openweight 6-Man Tag Team Championship, the Young Bucks also in 2016, set up the YouTube channel Being The Elite showcasing what they did on the road and other shenanigans. The Young Bucks often appeared at ringside during Kenny Omega’s matches, cheering him on and helping him to the back afterwards.

The Young Bucks have won gold at many brands, and whenever they’re booked, fans go absolutely crazy for them. In 2017, they entered in a feud with their hero’s – The Hardy Boyz as The Hardyz wanted tag gold from as many brands as possible. The Hardyz won the ROH World Tag Team Championship off of The Bucks, and for extra measure took the Superkick Championship (their own made Championship) off of them. In a ladder match at Supercard of Honor, The Bucks won the ROH World Tag Team Championship back.

By now The Young Bucks were huge, and the sad time at TNA was nothing more than a faded memory, their popularity was skyrocketing higher and higher.

It seemed The Young Bucks were unstoppable as they flew all around the world, performing for thousands of die hard fans. In 2017, they (along with fellow Bullet Club member Cody Rhodes) decided to put on a 10,000 seat show paid for entirely out of their pockets, with a deeply impressive roster announced, it was no surprise that the event – All In sold out. Of course, not everything was sunny for them, just recently they feuded with friend Kenny Omega due to the manipulation from Cody Rhodes. Kenny had recently reunited with old tag partner Kota Ibushi and reformed The Golden Lovers, The Young Bucks had a flawless match against The Golden Lovers. It seemed like The Elite were never going to be reunited, especially when they tried to Superkick Cody at his match against Kenny Omega, but Cody ducked at the kick connected with Kenny. Then at Dominion after they won the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Championship, they came out to show Kenny the love as he won the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. The Young Bucks and The Golden Lovers formed to be the super group The Golden Elite.

The Young Bucks are famous in tag wrestling, with a whole heap of love and respect from the fans and the love they have for the business is so strong. Often their shirts are in the top sellers on Pro Wrestling Tees or they’ve sold out at Hot Topic, they’ve helped many wrestlers gain popularity and helped many fans lives merely by doing what they love. The Bucks are absolute pioneers in wrestling, they even wrestled one of the most fantastic matches against The Worlds Cutest Tag Team (Joey Ryan and Candice LeRae) in something bloody and extreme, they may have lost the PWG World Tag Team Championship but they won even more love from fans.

The future for Matt and Nick Jackson is very bright, whether they’re flying through the air or signing autographs the love for them will never fade. Teaming with Kenny Omega and being a part of Bullet Club, whatever they do next will be memorable.

Here are some more pictures of The Young Bucks:


Money In The Bank Predictions

Ah Money In The Bank, a chance for a two Superstars to have a shot of the Universal/WWE Championship or the RAW/SmackDown Women’s Championship. Last year’s was predictable, this year’s? Not so much so, let’s work out what will happen:

The Bludgeon Brother’s (c) vs Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson – SmackDown Tag Team Championship

Wild guess, SAnitY are going to turn up and cause chaos (and I don’t mean the infamous stable from NJPW!) basically; the match is going strong, the lights go off, then BAM! SAnitY are in the ring, crowd goes wild and they attack. Cue Corey Graves losing his shit.

Lana, Ember Moon, Sasha Banks, Alexa Bliss, Natalya, Charlotte, Becky Lynch & Naomi – Women’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match

It’s Becky’s time to shine! If there’s any woman on the WWE roster that needs to case then dammit it Becky. Every woman (except Lana and Becky) is more than a two times Champion and my god Becky needs it. Alexa and Charlotte both need time out of the title shot or it will get really dull really fast.

Braun Strowman, Finn Bálor, Kevin Owens, Bobby Roode, Samoa Joe, The Miz, Rusev & One of New Day – Men’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match

I honestly don’t know who I want to win. An argument could be made for each one of these men to win, all are deserving of that coveted briefcase. Don’t mind who wins.

AJ Styles (c) vs Shinsuke Nakamura – WWE Championship – Last Man Standing

It has to be Nakamura for the love of God, he’s been trying to get the WWE Championship since last year! Yes I know Styles beat Mahal (thank god) for it, genuinely think if Nakamura loses he needs to be out of the title picture, WWE have milked Nakamura/Styles too much now.

Nia Jax (c) vs Ronda Rousey – RAW Women’s Championship

I want Nia to retain, she’s barely been Champion and WWE need to give her a decent feud for the belt *cough* Ember Moon *cough*

Carmella (c) – Asuka – SmackDown Women’s Championship

Wanting another retain. For how long she was Miss Money In The Bank, it would be daft if she also had a short title run. Still believe Asuka should have won at WrestleMania and then Carmella cash-in but you can’t turn back time. Carmella needs a longer run with it.

Roman Reigns vs Jinder Mahal

Reigns. He hasn’t won a PPV match all year, let him win this. The match was already done at RAW (which is just weird) but hopefully part 2 will be better.

Bobby Lashley vs Sami Zayn

This feud has been so incredibly cringe and annoying. Have Lashley come out in top so it can be bloody done.

Seth Rollins (c) Elias – Intercontinental Championship

Rollins is a great IC Champ, he’s absolutely brilliant in the ring as well. Another retain for me, not that I don’t think Elias is good enough, but I just don’t want the belt off of Rollins yet.

Daniel Bryan vs Big Cass

Daniel Bryan has to win, Cass hanging around like an unwanted date is annoying. We get it WWE, he’s 7ft tall, change the bloody record, this one’s broken.

Dominion Predictions

First time doing predictions for an event other than WWE!! It’s a big one too, with Okada vs Omega IV for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship!! So let’s get predicting:

Tetseyu Naito (c) vs Chris Jericho – IWGP Intercontinental Championship

After going after Kenny Omega, Jericho turned his sights on Naito, and in typical Jericho fashion, he went brutal. Naito will be retaining, as cool as it would be to see Jericho as Champ, I don’t see him being around in NJPW after this match and well Naito is amazing and will fight tooth and nail to defend.

Rey Mysterio, Jushin Thunder Liger and Hiroshi Tanahasi vs Cody, Adam Page and Marty Scurll

Bit of any odd match but it’s New Japan and what do you expect. I see Mysterio’s team winning, not that Bullet Club won’t bring it, but the other three are area legends with over 10 Championships between them and a whole heap of experience, they will certainly kick arse.

Evil and Sanda (c) (Los Inglornables De Japon) vs The Young Bucks – IWGP Tag Team Championship

Finally The Young Bucks are heavyweights!! Yeah, I love LIJ but my boys The Bucks are bringing home the gold, sorry Evil and Sanda. The Young Bucks won the Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championships seven times, and now they can start a tally with the IWGP Tag Championship.

Will Ospreay (c) vs Hirmou Takahashi – IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship

Takahashi won the Best of Super Juniors and promptly broke the trophy, which honestly just makes him even more lovable. I’d love for Takahashi to win because a feud between him and Taji Ishimori for the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship will be amazing as their match at the BOSJ was phenomenal.

El Desperado and Yoshinobu Kanemaru (Suzuki-gun) (c) vs. Sho and Yoh (Chaos) – IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship

Sho and Yoh will probably walk out Champions, now that The Young Bucks are heavyweights, I can honestly see them becoming the top guys of the Junior Heavyweight Tag division. They’re both such fantastic wrestlers, and will definitely go all out at Dominion.

Tauro Yano and Tomohiro Ishii (Chaos) vs Minoru Suzuki and Zack Sabre Jr (Suzuki-gun)

Suzuki could probably win this single handedly and Sabre Jr is there to make it even numbers. Suzuki is a monster in the ring and is an absolutely phenomenal wrestler, I’m still though counting down the days till he and Ishii get in a feud because that would probably break the ring.

David Finlay and Juice Robinson vs YOSHI-HASHI and Jay White (Chaos)

I don’t quite no why White hasn’t been booked for a title defence but I guess you can’t have them all. I’d thought this would be an easy win for YOSHI-HASHI and White but it still should be a decent match.

Hirooki Goto (c) vs. Michael Elgin vs. Taichi – Never Openweight Championship

This match is very easy to predict. Elgin is an arse and Taichi is liked as much as diarrhoea, so have Goto win and everyone will be happy.

Kazichuka Okada (c) vs Kenny Omega – IWGP Heavyweight Championship – 2/3 Falls – no time limit

It is here ladies and gentlemen, part IV of one of the best feuds ever. Okada has won one, Omega has won one and at last year’s Dominion they drew. This match will more than likely break every New Japan fan, the internet and maybe time itself. Backing Omega all the way, but there’s no way Okada is letting go of the Championship easily. Both men will get a fall, and it will be a battle for the second fall, hoping Cody doesn’t interfere and try cost Omega the shot because I’d honestly think he’d behead Cody, although if he tries I reckon The Young Bucks will show Omega just what they think of Cody.

Paige – The Goth Queen of WWE

I’ve already mentioned Paige (slightly) in my Women Who Paved The Way In WWE blog, but let’s be honest she deserves way more. Paige started wrestling at 13 and her career only went up, even though she’s now retired, she’s ruling SmackDown as the GM.

Paige comes from a family where wrestling runs through their blood, the Knight/Bevis family. Paige began wrestling in 2005 at her families wrestling promotion – World Association of Wrestling as Britani Knight. At 14, Paige wrestled in many different countries and America travelling by herself, Paige entered Scotland’s World Wide Wrestling League Women’s Title but lost in the finals. Paige had success in many brands over the years, as she became quite the name, and in April 2011, she signed with WWE after an unsuccessful attempt the year before.

Paige was in the then Florida Championship Wrestling, she originally debuted as Saraya but at her televised debut her name was changed to Paige. Paige teamed with Sofia Cortez in a team named Anti Diva Army. During her time in FCW, she attempted to go for the FCW Diva Championship against Raquel Diaz, but Diaz retained after Paige was disqualified.

FCW got rebranded as NXT and Paige re-debuted at an NXT taping from Full Sail University. Paige went on a winning streak, but was attacked in 2013 by Summer Rae who was jealous of her popularity and success. Paige confronted Summer on a number of occasions and eventually defeated her one on one. A tournament was set up to crown the first NXT Women’s Champion, which Paige won after defeating Emma.

Paige had many successful tittle defenses, and made a debut on the main roster the night after WrestleMania XXX, where she congratulated AJ Lee on retaining the Diva’s Championship the night before. AJ Lee attempted to goad Paige into a match for the Diva’s Championship, Paige kept saying she wasn’t ready, until AJ slapped her into accepting. At first it looked like AJ was going to retain once more as she wrapped Paige into the Black Widow, but Paige countered out of it and put AJ into PTO in which AJ tapped out. This made Paige the youngest Diva’s Champion, the first Diva to win a championship on her first night and the only Diva to hold the NXT Woman’s Championship and Diva’s Championship.

Paige had a successful title defences against Brie Bella, Alicia Fox and Naomi but lost the Diva’s Championship to a returning AJ Lee the night after Money In The Bank. Despite the loss, Paige acted like her and AJ were best friends in tag matches, Paige lost a reattempt for the Diva’s Championship at Battleground and the night after a win in a tag match with AJ, Paige turned on her by viciously attacking her. Paige won the Diva’s Championship at SummerSlam, however lost it again to AJ Lee in a triple threat with Nikki Bella.

Paige then teamed with Alicia Fox, whilst Alicia was feuding with AJ Lee, after Alicia didn’t win a title match at Hell In A Cell, Paige turned on Alicia. Early 2015, Paige turned face, after saving Natalya from being attacked by Diva’s Champion Nikki Bella, the two teamed up against The Bella Twins at Royal Rumble. The Bella Twins walked away as the winners. The Bella Twins mocked Paige for being unsuccessful in recapturing the Diva’s Championship, and a returning AJ Lee saved Paige from a post match attack from The Bella’s. Paige and AJ teamed up at WrestleMania XXXI against The Bella Twins, this would be Paige’s WrestleMania debut in which she won.

After WrestleMania, Paige had many unsuccessful attempts at trying to regain the Diva’s Championship, after spending so long being outnumbered by The Bella Twins and Alicia Fox, Stephanie McMahon called for a Women’s Revolution and Paige was teamed with Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch. After Charlotte won the Diva’s Championship, Paige turned on her by saying she only won because of her Dad, Paige kept attacking Charlotte and Becky despite acting like she wanted to reunite with them. Paige became the number one contender for the Diva’s Championship but had many unsuccessful attempts.

Paige had a variety of matches in the buildup to WrestleMania XXXII, at WrestleMania, she teamed with fellow Total Divas cast mates in a 10 Woman Tag match in which team Total Divas won. Paige had a few more unsuccessful title defences for the new RAW Women’s Championship against Charlotte, and during the Brand Split was drafted to RAW.

Paige announced on her Twitter that she was taking time off due to injury. During this time, Paige had two wellness policy suspensions, in September of 2016 Paige underwent surgery on her neck and the rehabilitation began shortly afterwards.

Rehabilitation took most of 2017, and Paige eventually returned to RAW in late 2017 teaming with Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose as Absolution. They started dominating on RAW but unfortunately after a match at a House Show, Paige got injured and it was bad enough to cut short her wrestling career. Paige still teamed with Absolution, as more of a cheerleader and after WrestleMania XXXIV, Paige announced her retirement. The following night on SmackDown, Shane McMahon announced that Paige would be the new General Manager. Absolution followed her to SmackDown, but Paige refused to give them special treatment telling them that Absolution was over. Paige is so far doing an excellent job as General Manager, and who knows maybe she’ll be back in the ring.

Here’s some extra pictures of Paige:

With Absolution

A-Z of British Wrestling

British Wrestling is fucking awesome!! So many already know about how great it is, but in case you don’t know about British Wrestling, here’s the A-Z of it:

A is for Atlas Championship

The Atlas Championship is a title belt from the Daddy of promotions in the UK – Progress. The Championship is for wrestlers over 205lbs and the inaugural Champion was Rampage Brown. Currently the Championship is vacant but with Matt Riddle and Walter also being previous Champions, you can bet that the next Champion will be brilliant.

B is for Chris Brookes

One half of CCK (Calamari Catch Kings) with Kid Lykos, he’s been Attack! Pro Wrestling, CZW and Progress Tag Team Champion. Brookes is an amazing wrestler, who will hopefully wrestle for WWE one day.

C is for Nikki Cross

Currently working in NXT, Nikki Cross used to wrestle for ICW and Pro Wrestling Eve. Nikki originally tried out for TNA on their British Bootcamp, but failed to make an impression. After a successful tryout with WWE, she was signed to NXT, Nikki joined the debuting SAnitY. She has had many amazing matches on NXT including an amazing Last Man Standing against Asuka.

D is for Pete Dunne

Pete Dunne is the United Kingdom Championship, dubbed the Bruiserweight his fighting style is rather brutal and he’s never afraid to go all out in a match. Occasionally he teams with Trent Seven and Tyler Bate as British Strong Style. Hopefully, he signs full-time to WWE soon.

E is for Pro Wrestling Eve

Known as the Punk Rock, Feminist brand of the United Kingdom run by Dann and Emily Read. Pro Wrestling Eve’s current champion is Charlie Morgan, and the brand is a strong pioneer of women’s wrestling in the UK.

F is for Fit Finlay

Fit Finlay had a long brilliant run in WCW, he also wrestled in WWE where he’s currently working as a producer. Finlay even had a run on the Independent Circuit, he’s held over 20 Championships including the United States Championship.

G is for Drew Galloway

WWE may call him Drew McIntyre, but when he wrestled independently he was known as Drew Galloway. He wrestled for ICW, and even TNA where they made him a top star. It wasn’t long until WWE came calling for him again (they shouldn’t have let him go) where he eventually won the NXT Championship. Currently on RAW and teaming with Dolph Ziggler, his next move is highly anticipated.

H is for Jimmy Havoc

United Kingdom’s King of Hardcore Wrestling is easily Jinny Havoc. From being Progress’ longest running Champion at 609 days to being stapled within an inch of his life, Havoc has made such a name for himself on the UK independent scene.

I is for ICW

ICW is the biggest promotion in Scotland founded by Mark Dallas in 2006. It has helped developed the careers of Grado, Joe Hendry, Jack Jester and so many more. Two TV documentaries helped the promotion gain notoriety, and now it shows iPPV’s and travels across the UK.

J is for Jinny

Jinny is the first female graduate of Progress Wrestling’s school The Projo, she debuted in 2014 and she did a promo on fellow wrestler Pollyanna. She’s even had a match at WrestleMania Axxcess against Toni Storm.

K is for Dynamite Kid

Dynamite Kid performed in WWF with his cousin Davey Boy Smith under the tag team The British Bulldogs. He is considered the most influential in ring performers, after perfecting and merging the wrestling styles of British, Japanese, Mexican and Canadian.

L is El Ligero

El Ligero is the King of Independent scene after wrestling around the world and for over 100 promotions. Wrestling since 2001, he’s wrestled everyone from El Generico to Will Osprey. Ligero has recently been announced to be taking part in WWE’s Tournament to go against Pete Dunne for the United Kingdom Championship.

M is for Millie McKenzie

Millie McKenzie is the Suplex Queen and current Defiant Wrestling’s Woman’s Champion. At just 17 years old, she’s already phenomenal in the ring, and she’d be an excellent addition for the second Mae Young Classic.

N is for Nigel McGuiness

Nigel McGuiness is currently a commentator for WWE, he’s also wrestled for TNA and ROH. In ROH, he was Pure Champion for 350 days, and World Champion for 545 days. McGuiness’ WWE commentating debut was at the United Kingdom Championship, and he now commentates for NXT, 205 Live and Main Event.

O is for Will Ospreay

Will Ospreay has done so much in his wrestling career, from winning Best of the Super Juniors to being two time IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship. Ospreay has had some incredible matches with Ricochet, Kushida and and unstoppable match at Wrestle Kingdom 12 with Marty Scurll, Kushida and Hiromu Takahashi, where he won the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship for the second time. He is also part of NJPW’s stable Chaos under Kazuchika Okada.

P is for Progress

The Daddy promotion of the UK, established by Jim Smallman in 2011. Progress has gone on from strength to strength in it’s short time as a promotion, and it has gained notoriety around the world. Progress, will be putting on it’s first ever show in Wembley this year, in what will be the biggest independent show in the UK.

Q is for….

R is for William Regal

NXT’s General Manger, William Regal has had an extraordinary career. Regal is also known as WWE Director of Talent Development and Head of Global Recruiting, which means he scouts out new talent at independent shows around the world. In his wrestling career, Regal won King of the Ring, won the WWF/E European Championship and the tag belts with Lance Storm, amongst many other things.

S is for Jack Sexsmith

Jack Sexsmith has been wrestling since 2015, he is a proud member of the LGBT+ community and identifies as Pansexual. Sexsmith has wrestled many promotions across the UK, his character is comedic although his bout with Pete Dunne at Progress he pushed Dunne to his limit. Last year, he even had a tryout for WWE.

T is for Tyler Bate

Tyler Bate was only 19 when he won the United Kingdom Championship when he defeated Pete Dunne. Bate tags with Trent Seven and Pete Dunne as British Strong Style and Moustache Mountain with Trent Seven. Bate wrestles with many brands across WWE including Progress.

U is for UK Hooligans

UK Hooligans consists of Roy and Zak Bevis, son’s of British greats Ricky Knight and Sweet Saraya. They wrestle with family owned brand World Association of Wrestling.

V is for Viper

Viper is an amazing wrestler, who partook in last years Mae Young Classic. Viper has wrestled in Japan with Stardom and she’s also ICW’s female Champion. Viper has also wrestled with WCPW (now Defiant) and appeared on TNA British Bootcamp where she was unsuccessful.

W is for World of Sport

World of Sport started out in 1965, and showcased some of biggest names of UK wrestling past. It ended in 1985, but has been scheduled for a reboot this year promoting up to date independent stars.

X is for XWA

XWA was formed in 2007 and is the sister company of Pro Wrestling Eve. It closed in 2012, but then reformed in 2014 where current up and coming independent stars. XWA also has a wrestling school, and a viewing service where you can watch old and new stuff.

Y is for Yeah, I’ve got Nothing…

Z is for Zack Sabre Jr

Zack Sabre Jr is signed with NJPW but also wrestles with brands like PWG and Rev Pro. Sabre Jr has held many championships across multiple brands, and is a member of NJPW’s Suzuki-gun. He’s also been wrestling since 2004 and turned down a contract with WWE after he performed in the Cruiserweight Classic.

The Joys of Intergender Wrestling

This is a totally unplanned post, but when you see an utter twat Tweeting Jimmy Havoc saying intergender wrestling is domestic abuse, it’s impossible to stay silent. So I’m starting this with – IF YOU THINK INTERGENDER WRESTLING IS DOMESTIC ABUSE YOU ARE DUMB AS FUCK. There’s no ifs, ands or buts, you are fucking dumb and need a reality check fast. Essentially you’re saying women are inferior to men and couldn’t handle themselves against a man, so also you’re sexist. This list isn’t looking good, dumb AND sexist? Yikes. But I’m not just going to talk about that dumbass, I’m going to talk about how fucking amazing intergender wrestling is. You ready?

Intergender wrestling is absolutely spectacular, from Candice LeRae having tacks in her face to Nixon Newell being the first woman to wrestle in Fight Club Pro. Women are proving not only can they wrestle, but they can take on men and beat their arses. Women aren’t daft, they know what they let themselves in for when they wrestle. Wrestlers like Kay Lee Ray, Session Moth Martina and Jinny don’t except an easy ride. These women will take anything and ask is that all you’ve got.

None of them are delicate flowers that need saving, they are badass babes and will probably leave you bleeding. I don’t get where the domestic abuse analogy comes from, the abuse is where the victim is often powerless, and there is nothing powerless about intergender wrestling, in fact it shows more power by having both as equal. No longer is this a wrestling world where one gender can only wrestle their gender, James Ellsworth created an Intergender Championship so he could take on women. Men deem it an honour to wrestle against some of the best women in professional wrestling, and see it as a goal when they’ve gone against the best, win or loss.

Essentially, what this all boils down to, is intergender wrestling is bad fucking arse, you don’t have to like it but don’t akin it to domestic abuse, that’s really dumb. Wrestling is crazy, Al Snow had a mannequin head, Vince McMahon wrestled God and who can forget Grado coming down to the ring to Just Like A Prayer.

Don’t be an ignorant dick and act like what you’re saying is gospel, chances are you just sound like a utter bellend who needs a slap.

Backlash Predictions

Finally joint PPV’s are back!! It was so tiring there being a PPV being every two weeks. Thankfully that’s ended, so I’m going to predict what I think will go down:

AJ Styles (c) vs Shinsuke Nakamura – WWE Championship – No DQ

Okay, I love Styles but Nakamura is long overdue for a title run. I guess WWE wanted Nak heel so that’s why he lost at Mania, but he could have won at the Greatest Royal Rumble. Let’s hope Nakamura wins on Sunday.

Jeff Hardy (c) vs Randy OrtonUntied States Championship

Jeff’s winning. Orton is only ever a transitional champion these days so a win for him totally isn’t needed.

Seth Rollins (c) vs The Miz – Intercontinental Championship

Rollins is retaining. Miz is on SD and both mid card championships can’t be on one brand. Come on WWE, at least try make it hard to guess.

Roman Reigns vs Samoa Joe

As Brock has gone on holiday (two matches in one month must have been so exhausting for poor Brock) Reigns is just going to have random matches that don’t make sense. I mean yeah Joe’s face has appeared on RAW to hype it up, but Roman hasn’t done the same. I want Reigns to win but I can see Joe winning. Who knows what WWE are doing right now.

Nia Jax (c) Alexa Bliss – RAW Women’s Championship

Nia’s retaining. It’s about time Blissy shimmied out of the title picture. I bet WWE will out Sasha into the title picture, when it should totally be Mickie James.

Carmella (c) vs Charlotte – SmackDown Women’s Championship

Hopefully this is Charlotte’s last title shot so Becky Lynch can win the Championship at SummerSlam. So yeah, Carmella to retain.

Daniel Bryan vs Big Cass

Bit of an unusual match up but Cass hasn’t been to bad on the mic lately. Bryan has had a solid return to the ring and he was on fire at the GRR so it wouldn’t necessarily be a terrible thing if he lost. Now before you think I’ve gone batshit crazy, here’s my thinking, a win for Cass would make him look good. So many have been saying he’s nothing without Enzo, a win would be proof he doesn’t need that flea bitten Chihuahua to succeed. So controversially, I’m backing Cass.

Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley vs Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens

I genuinely don’t think its possible for Strowman to lose a match, if he did get pinned, he’d probably scare the ref into restarting the match. Therefore him and Lashley will win.

WWE Greatest Royal Rumble Predictions

I love a good Royal Rumble and with every championship on the line its going to be good. If executed correctly, it could be a solid PPV, ending with a monstrous 50 man Rumble!!!

Brock Lesnar (c) vs Roman Reigns – Steel Cage Match – Universal Championship

Well WWE done fucked up and had ole Bock retain at Mania. I’m tired of Brock being in WWE let alone champion, now according to “experts” Brock retained due to the crowd booing Reigns but if you believe that, then you truly will believe anything. Knowing Vinnie Mac, he probably wanted something big in Saudi Arabia because WrestleMania in New Orleans 300 Centenary celebrations just wasn’t big enough. HOPEFULLY REIGNS WINS! If he doesn’t, I’m not above boycotting RAW, I boycotted SmackDown when Jinder was Champ, I would do it again.

Seth Rollins (c) vs The Miz vs Finn Bálor vs Samoa Joe – Ladder Match – Intercontinental Championship

Hey Miz, why aren’t you on paternity leave? Dude, you deserve some time off, go be with your beautiful wife and daughter. Now I’ve addressed that, I’m saying Rollins retains. No doubt the match will be pretty amazing, and I’m hoping Bálor does a Coup De Gras off of a ladder and Samoa Joe goes crazy just because.

Jeff Hardy (c) vs Jinder Mahal – United States Championship

Jeff cannot lose the championship. Nothing else to say really.

AJ Styles (c) vs Shinsuke Nakamura – WWE Championship

So Nakamura is now heel and his latest hobby is hitting Styles in the balls. The match will probably end with a low blow or a Kinshasa to Styles’ balls and hopefully this ends in a championship reign for Nakamura. Then maybe Almas can go for the championship.

Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt vs The Bar – Tournament Finale for the RAW Tag Team Championship

With The Bar now being on SmackDown, they aren’t winning. Should actually be a tag team on RAW in the final like oh I don’t know The Revival. WWE need to get their heads out of their arses and do shit properly.

John Cena vs Triple H

So uh The Game uh is having another match uh (see what I did there, yeah I don’t know why I did that). Big Match John will win as it will be the ultimate baby face thing for Saudi Arabia to be happy.

The Bludgeon Brothers (c) vs The Usos – SmackDown Tag Team Championship

I want The Bludgeons to retain. Yeah The Usos are always epic champ’s but let them take the back seat for a while. Also The BB vs SAnitY for the Championship, you know you want it.

Rusev vs The Undertaker – Casket Match

First this match was happening, then it was going to be against Jericho and now it’s against Rusev again ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’m glad its against Rusev again though, he will probably lose BUT a match against The Undertaker is still badass.

Cedric Alexander (c) vs Kalisto – Cruiserweight Championship

I can see Alexander retaining, not sure we’re going to have good Lucha things part two.

Greatest Royal Rumble with 50 Superstars

This is going to be both awesome and tiring. There’s going to be some awesome returns so it’s got that going for it, but I feel sorry for those men having to be in the ring for so long. I want Daniel Bryan to win so badly because him lifting that trophy will be electric and hopefully not a Portkey.

Top NXT Moments

NXT has been an unstoppable since 2012 and there has been some absolutely amazing moments, it would take forever to list all the amazing moments, so here’s just a few:

1) The Fall of DIY

Tomaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano were an amazing tag team. They fought valiantly in NXT, and won the NXT Tag Titles from The Revival they were on a high and then Ciampa toppled it down. They lost the Championships to Authors of Pain at Takeover: San Antonio and they failed in further attempts to win the titles back. At NXT Takeover: Chicago, after the second failed attempt, Ciampa decided to attack Gargano as the show was finishing. Ciampa performed two running knee smashes on Gargano, he then executed an Air Raid Crash through two tables near the announce table. Medical personnel checked on Gargano as the event ended. This was the end of DIY.

2) Say My Name

For ages Velveteen Dream just wanted wanted Aleister Black to say his name. It produced an interesting feud between the pair, the climax to the feud was a match between the pair at NXT Takeover: War Games where Velveteen Dream showed off wrestling tights with Black’s face on them ala Rick Rude. Despite his valiant efforts Dream lost, but to his delight Back uttered the sentence – “enjoy infamy Velveteen Dream.” to an extent, Dream won.

3) The Passing of The Torch

Asuka had relinquished the NXT Women’s Championship due to injury, and there was a Fatal Four-way at NXT Takeover: War Games. Ember Moon pinned Nikki Cross to win the Championship, after the win, Asuka came out and handed Ember the Championship. They then hugged like old friends, despite their feud and Ember’s agony to grab the title off of Asuka, the moment was touching.

4) The Beauty of War Games

It was the first War Games since 2000 and it was set to be amazing. The teams were SAnitY, Undisputed Era and Authors of Pain with Roderick Strong and some truly amazing moments were created. Killian Dain performed a Coast-to-Coast on Kyle O’Reilly, Alexander Wolfe literally threw himself into the match and Adam Cole attacked Eric Young with a kendo stick, then performed a Shining Wizard on him into a steel chair for the win.

5) When A Demon Came To London

The match was set at NXT Takeover: London between Finn Bálor and Samoa Joe. It was the first Takeover in London and Finn debuted the Demon as Jack The Ripper complete with fake screams and a top hat. It was atmospheric and a brilliant moment.

6) Shinsuke Nakamura vs Sami Zayn

It was Shinsuke Nakamura’s début match in NXT at Takeover: Dallas. It was set to be something amazing, Nakamura was already a huge name from Japan and Zayn could help create something spectacular. Nakamura’s entrance was captivating and the match was truly brilliant and Nakamura won after hitting a Kinshasa.

7) Enemies first – friends later

Sami Zayn won the NXT Championship off of Adrian Neville. It was an amazing moment, the NXT roster came out to congratulate him and Neville raised his hand. Kevin Owens celebrated with Zayn after the roster left, he then pushed him onto the entrance ramp and Powerbombed him onto the ring apron. Steen and Generico were once again at war.

8) Remembering Dusty

The late great Dusty Rhodes had sadly passed away, and WWE wanted to remember his legacy. The Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic was created, and a beautiful statue of Dusty was unveiled. Samoa Joe and Finn Bálor won the first tournament, however Joe turned on Bálor after winning.

9) Adam Cole Makes An Impact

Drew McIntyre had just won the NXT Championship from Bobby Roode when Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish came out. They were a distraction for a debuting Adam Cole who ran in from the crowd to attack McIntyre. Cole hit a Superkick on him and then held the NXT Championship over his fallen body. Adam Cole had made an impact.

10) Bayley Gets Some Well Earned Respect

Bayley was going to be taking on Sasha Banks in a 30 minute Iron Man Match to defend the NXT Women’s Championship. After so long of being told she wasn’t good enough, Bayley defeated Sasha in a match that won Match of the Year from Pro Wrestling Illustrated solidifying her respect.

11) A Clash of Dynasties

There was a tournament to crown the new NXT Women’s Champion and the final was Charlotte vs Natalya. Flair was going up against Hart. Charlotte defeated Natalya with a Natural Selection, it would be the first match in the new Flair/Hart saga.

12) Did You Miss Me Johnny?

Andrade Cien Almas was defending the NXT Championship against Johnny Gargano. He’d retained and as Gargano left with his wife Candice LeRae, Ciampa attacked Gargano with his crutch from behind. He’d returned from injury and was ready to continue the feud.

13) Asuka vs Nikki Cross Last Man Standing

Cross and Asuka tore into each other in an attempt to keep the other down for the 10 count to win the NXT Women’s Championship. From Powerslams to Suplexs they were determined to win. Asuka used a Facelock and Suplexed Cross of of a ladder to commentary table below. Asuka popped up at 9 but Nikki failed to get to her feet by 10. Asuka had retained.

14) 2 Out of 3 Falls At Toronto

The Revival were going against DIY at NXT Takeover: Toronto in a 2 Out of 3 Falls for the NXT Tag Team Championship. The match was brilliantly fought as both teams got Falls. DIY won after Gargano held Dash in a Gargano Escape and Ciampa held Dawson in an armbar causing The Revival to tap simultaneously.

15) Rollins calls out Hunter

Seth Rollins appeared at NXT Takeover: San Antonio to call out Triple H after Triple H cost Rollins a spot in the 2017 Royal Rumble. Furious, Rollins turned up at the one place he knew Hunter would be – at Takeover. He shouted in the ring until Triple H came out, then security came out and Rollins attacked them all.