Top SmackDown Pictures

As SmackDown has reached its 1,000th episode, here is some of my favourite pictures from the Blue Brand:

AJ Styles defeated Jinder Mahal for the WWE Championship in London. This was the first time a Championship changed hands outside of North America – 2017
SmackDown after the horrific attacks in New York of 9/11. This was the first major show to take place after such a tragic event – 2001
Dean Ambrose as WWE Champion on SmackDown after Battleground – 2016
Sean O’ Hair, Rikishi and Roddy Piper in a Piper’s Pit segment – 2003
Eddie Guerrero celebrating winning the WWE Championship in 2004
Carmella successfully cashed in her Money In The Bank Briefcase SmackDown after WrestleMania 34 2018
The infamous fist set 2001-2008 this is regarded as a favourite set by many
Miz celebrating winning the Intercontinental Championship with his wife Maryse and The Spirit Squad on SmackDown’s 900th episode – 2016
After being cleared to return to wrestle, Daniel Bryan attacked Kevin Owens – 2018
Price Check on Jackass – Stone Cold Steve Austin fights Booker T in a Supermarket SmackDown 2001
John Cena makes his debut in 2002 after accepting Kurt Angle’s open challenge
SmackDown remembers Eddie Guerrero after his heartbreaking passing in 2005
Kurt Angle vs Brock Lesnar Ironman Match – 2003
Stone Cold Steve Austin destroys the DC Express – 2000
Michelle McCool and Layla host a “goodbye party” for Mickie James – 2010
Kaitlyn and AJ Lee hold the first ever Women’s Contract singing – 2013
Maryse wins the Divas Championship, the only time on SmackDown – 2008
Jacqueline defeats Chavo Guerrero for the Cruiserweight Championship – 2004
Shane McMahan announces Paige is the new General Manager of SmackDown – 2018
General Manager Daniel Bryan and Commissioner Shane McMahan unveil the new SmackDown Women’s Championship to the Women of SmackDown – 2016
General Manager Daniel Bryan and Commissioner Shane McMahan unveil the new SmackDown Tag Team Championships – 2016
Stacy Keibler interviews to be Vince McMahon’s assistant – 2002
Carmella is crowned Miss Money In The Bank for the 2nd time after James Ellsworth won it on her behalf at Money In The Bank – 2017
Alexa Bliss worked with the mysterious La Luchadora for weeks and it was unveiled that she was Mickie James in a Steel Cage Match – 2016
Charlotte defeats Natalya for the SmackDown Women’s Championship making her the only Women ever to hold the NXT, Diva, RAW and SmackDown Women’s Championships
Big Bossman crashes Big Show’s Father’s website – 1999
Edge cashes in on The Undertaker – 2007

Rhyno gores Chris Jericho through the SmackDown set – 2001


Miz – From WWE Champion to A- Lister

Miz had many successful WWE Championship title defences over the coming months, from defeating John Morrison once again, to even beating Jerry Lawler it seemed Miz was untouchable. Miz was partnered with John Cena to take on The Corre (Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater) for the WWE Tag Team Championships, they succeeded in the win, but lost the belts quickly back to The Corre causing Miz to turn on Cena. Miz successfully retained the WWE Championship against Cena at WrestleMania XXVII but lost the Championship to him at Extreme Rules the following month. After having some refused opportunities to regain the WWE Championship, Miz then decided to blame his protégé Alex Riley for his continuous downfalls and a feud ensued between the pair.


Attacking Santino Marella together, Miz and R-Truth formed a tag team they named The Awesome Truth,they seized any and every opportunity, interfering in each others matches to help the other one out. They attacked wrestlers at the 2011 Hell In A Cell Match, hitting Alberto Del Rio, CM Punk, John Cena and even the referee and camera man. Triple H came out with the police and the entire roster, to escort Awesome Truth out. Awesome Truth made an apology video for YouTube and upon their return, Awesome Truth defeated CM Punk and Triple H at Vengeance and then they attacked Cena in his WWE Championship match that night. At Survivor Series, Awesome Truth lost to Cena and The Rock, and then on RAW, Cena started an argument between the pair. This caused Awesome Truth to split and Miz hit Truth with a Skull Crushing Finale.


RAW 1000, Miz won his first ever Intercontinental Championship defeating Christian for it, he successfully defended it against Christian at SummeerSlam and then against Cody Rhodes, Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara at Night of Champions. However he lost if to Kofi Kingston during the premier episode of Main Event. Turning face and after Survivor Series, Miz feuded Cesaro for the United States Championship, though unsuccessful in each attempt, Ric Flair became his mentor and Miz even used Flair’s infamous Figure Four as a finisher. Miz then turned his sights back towards the Intercontinental Championship, he defeated Wade Barrett for it at WrestleMania XXIX but then lost it back to Barrett the following night on RAW.


After hosting that year’s SummerSlam, Miz had various feuds, it was upon coming back heel after filming The Marine 4 (the following year) that Miz debuted his A-Lister gimmick. Miz again won the Intercontinental Championship in a Battle Royal, but then lost it to Dolph Ziggler at SummerSlam, later that month Damien Sandow started appearing with Miz as his stunt double. The pairing was amusing, because Sandow copied whatever Miz did whether fighting or being hit, Sandow was dubbed Mizdow and the pair even became Tag Champions defeating Goldust and Stardust. They lost the Tag Championships to The Usos, the next Royal Rumble, Miz entered the Royal Rumble at number 1 but was eliminated by Bubba Ray Dudley. Mizdow entered the Rumble at number 21, Miz tried to take his place but when he got on the apron, Roman Reigns pushed him away before he had a chance to enter, Mizdow seized this opportunity to enter the Rumble. Miz fired Mizdow from being his stunt Double in February but quickly rehired him to be his personal assistant, Mizdow stopped being his assistant at WrestleMania XXXI. After The Marine 4 came out, Miz was shown to disrespect co-star Summer Rae so she sided with Mizdow, the pair had a match to decide who would keep the Miz brand. Miz won after help from Summer Rae who’d been on his side secretly all along.


The night following WrestleMania XXXII, Miz defeated Zack Ryder for the Intercontinental Championship, after his wife Maryse made her return and slapped Ryder’s father, Maryse became Miz’s manager. Miz and Maryse called themselves The It Couple and at Payback Miz fought in an amazing Fatal Four-way against Ceasaro, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens to successfully retain the Intercontinental Championship. The It Couple took time off to film The Marine 5, and returned just in time for the brand split, The It Couple made SmackDown their home, under GM Daniel Bryan and still armed with the Intercontinental Championship. In what would be called as the promo of 2016, Miz ripped into Bryan on SmackDown’s after show Talking Smack, the promo was intense and filled with rage as Miz laid into him, calling him a coward for not returning when he promised fans he would. Miz defeated Dolph Ziggler to retain the Intercontinental Championship at Backlash.

maryse pregnant with husband the miz(1).jpg

Miz continued his tirade against Bryan, refusing to defend the Intercontinental Championship till he got a contract renegotiation, despite saying he wasn’t going to defend it, he did once retaining against Ziggler and then losing to Ziggler at No Mercy in a Title vs Career match. Smackdown 900, after initially refusing a rematch against Ziggler Miz won the Intercontinental Championship for the 6th time. Miz successfully defended against Ziggler at TLC thus ending their feud, he also successfully defended Dean Ambrose. Miz then decided to confront AJ Styles as Styles was saying he was the sole reason SmackDown was such a hit, the following week, Miz once again successfully defended the Intercontinental Championship against Apollo Crews. After the match in an interview with Renee Young, Renee said Miz losing the Fatal Four-way the previous week was due to his obsession with Ambrose, Miz made her relationship with wrestler Dean Ambrose public, Renee responded by slapping Miz across the face and walking away. Miz lost the Intercontinental Championship to Ambrose in January 2017.


Miz was entered into the Elimination Chamber for a shot of being WWE Champion, but was eliminated by John Cena, Miz then entered a 10 man Battle Royal to determine who would go against WWE Champion Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania XXXIV but was once again eliminated by Cena. During an episode of Miz TV, that was made entirely to critique Cena’s powers backstage, Maryse slapped Cena and his then girlfriend Nikki Bella came out to make the save. This prompted a feud between the foursome, with The It Couple hilariously parodying The Bella Twins realty TV show Total Bellas but they renamed it Total Bellas Bullshit. The feud ended at WrestleMania XXXIII with The It Couple losing.


The It Couple moved over to RAW in the Superstar Shakeup dressed again as John Cena and Nikki Bella and were confronted by Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose, he then defeated Ambrose for the Championship making it his 7th reign. Miz decided to take Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel under his wing saying he’d help them become the stars they deserved to be, the pair became known as The Miztourage after they attacked Dean Ambrose allying with Miz. Miz had even more successful title defences over the coming months, even having a special episode of Miz TV announcing he was to become a father. Towards Hell In A Cell, Miz (and The Miztourge) teamed with The Bar (Cesaro and Sheamus) to take on the newly reformed The Shield. The trio lost to The Sheild, then towards Survivor Series SmackDown’s Baron Corbin called out Miz to start their match off at Survivor Series in Champion vs Champion, Miz lost this match. Miz then entered a feud with Roman Reigns and Reigns defeated him for the Intercontinental Championship. RAW’s 25th Anniversary episode, Miz once again became Intercontinental Champion, this being his 3rd big episode win.


Miz teamed with Asuka in WWE’s first ever Mixed Match Challenge in which they won. At WrestleMania XXXIV, he lost the Intercontinental Championship to Seth Rollins, transferred back to SmackDwon in another Superstar Shakeup, Miztourage had broken up and Miz was back by himself. Miz failed to regain the Intercontinental Championship at Backlash and then again at Greatest Royal Rumble. His feud with Daniel Bryan was once again reignited after Bryan was cleared to be back in the ring at SummerSlam after Maryse handed Miz some brass knuckles to defeat him in their matchup. Maryse returned to partner with Miz once again, and during a segment where Miz mocked Daniel Bryan’s retirement speech, Bryan’s wife Brie Bella made her comeback to SmackDwon and attacked Miz. New GM Paige scheduled a mixed match for them at Hell In A Cell, The It Couple won, Maryse retired from being in the ring and it was then announced that Bryan would fight against Miz at Super Showdown in Australia to be the number 1 contender for the WWE Championship, Bryan won in under 3 minutes.


Miz’s career has definitely been amazing, and it’s still far from over. The feud with Bryan has yet reached its climax, and another WWE Championship reign is absolutely coming to him. Miz is 100% – AWESOME.


WWE and Saudi Arabia

WWE have wanted to become more worldwide, and slowly but surely they’ve achieved this, from Super Showdown in Australia to NXT UK they are making a distinct footprint in the world. They travel to Europe twice a year, then there’s runs in Japan, South America, Australia (again) and Canada to name just a few places that WWE have imprinted themselves on. Recently, they decided to throw that stone into China which actually went down really well, so they tried Saudi Arabia, and that honestly may end up being WWE’s biggest downfall.

A 10 year contract of events there was an extremely foolish move on WWE’s part, yes there’s no denying these events will be good, but the name of Saudi Arabia is one that is absolutely awful. The fact women of WWE can’t perform in the country is honestly just the very tip of the iceberg, women in general are treated extremely badly within Saudi Arabia. Not to mention a journalist has recently been killed horrifically in Saudi, WWE say they are ‘monitoring the situation’ but that’s all they can do. Unfortunately WWE have backed themselves into a corner, they have to do these 10 years of events or face a monumental lawsuit that could lead to WWE being sued. Yeah WWE, is a rich company and many see that them being sued wouldn’t really matter, but this will then also give WWE a bad name. A lot of countries will see this as ‘if WWE won’t fulfil their obligations there, then they could not do this for us.’

WWE wanted to create something amazing, but event after event people will just talk about the politics of Saudi and continuously want WWE to pull out. The WWE/Saudi deal isn’t ending any time soon, I’d be very surprised if it does. This isn’t an easy situation that WWE are in.

Awesome – The Miz Story Part 1

Mike Mizanin has become one of the greatest wrestlers in WWE, but he wasn’t always this amazing. Starting in WWE, Miz started out as essentially a reality TV type character that was incredibly irritating. He dressed kind of like an overgrown teenager, then he moulded himself into The A-Lister and slowly but surely he became his catchphrase – Awesome.


Mike Mizanin joined WWE in 2004 in the 4th season of Tough Enough, he made it through to the final, where he fought against Daniel Puder, in a boxing fight and whilst neither man achieved knockout, Puder was declared winner due to crowd reaction. Al Snow declared Puder the winner, but due to a pique of interest Miz was offered a contract. Miz then joined Deep South Wrestling, where he entered in a tournament to determine the inaugural Deep South Heavyweight Championship, he also teamed with Matt Cappotelli in various tag matches. Miz was transferred over to Ohio Valley Wrestling, after Cappotelli passed away after fighting brain cancer. At the start of 2006, Miz made his OVW TV debut as Miz in the very first Miz Tv segment.


Miz entered the 2007 Royal Rumble where he was eliminated by The Great Khali after only 7 seconds in the match, his debut was set to be for SmackDown after videos and vignettes showed that’s where he’d be going. Miz made a failed debut in April of 2007, but was Kayfabe banned from entering and was ‘cancelled’ and escorted away by security. His actual debut was June 2nd as a SmackDown host hyping up the show, his hosting was sporadic but in July it was announced he would be hosting Diva Search with Ashley Massaro.

After Diva Search was over, Miz returned to SmackDown and settled into a heel role. Miz went on what Micheal Cole called an ‘undefeated streak’ the reality was he fought only 5 matches over the next couple of months, during this time, Miz began a feud with Diva Search winner Layla after she spurned his advances several times. Miz then teamed with Kristal to help her defeat Layla. Miz and Kristal gained interest from The Boogeyman who began to stalk them, they feuded and Boogey ended Miz’s undefeated streak.


Miz was selected for the new ECW in the brand split of 2007, the first few weeks of being on ECW, Miz was absent but had several Miz TV Crashes ECW segment, his actual ECW debut came, in a winning match against Nunzio. After this match, trio Extreme Exposé showed interest in Miz, he then became the self-proclaimed chick magnet. Extreme Exposé became Miz’s managers, and Miz feuded with Balls Mahoney after Exposé member Kelly Kelly ‘fell in love’ with him. It was then revealed that Miz owned the contracts of all Exposé members stopping Kelly Kelly from being with Mahoney.

The Miz then went back to SmackDown and teamed with John Morrison and won tag gold twice whilst tagging with him. Miz and Morrison were good tagging together, and they even had a streaming segment on the WWE website called The Dirt Sheet in which they mocked other wrestlers and parts of pop culture. Miz and Morrison even feuded with Cryme Tyme in a battle of web series, Cryme Tyme’s being called Word Up, Miz and Morrison defeated Cryme Tyme at Cyber Sunday. Miz and Morrison took on Degeneration X and constantly mocked them, they got then little known The Young Bucks in as Triple H and Shawn Micheals, The Young Bucks parodied DX hilariously and the segment ended with Miz and Morrison attacking them. The feud with the actual DX ended with Miz and Morrison losing. The team ended with Miz turning on Morrison after Morrison inadvertently interfered in Miz’s match against Kofi Kingston causing him to lose.


In 2009, The Miz was drafted to RAW and set his sights on Kofi Kingston and the United States Championship, after 3 unsuccessful attempts, he finally defeated Kingston for the Championship the night after Hell In A Cell. At Bragging Rights, Miz took on former tag Partner John Morrison of SmackDown who was Intercontinental Champion, Miz defeated Morrison and became the only RAW member to win that night. Then in 2010, Miz began a feud with MVP which was cited to be verbally brilliant, at Royal Rumble the two had an unsanctioned match for the United States Championship in hwich Miz retained. Miz during this time, began to tag with Big Show, the pair defeated DX and Straight Edge Society (CM Punk and Luke Gallows) to win the Unified Tag Team Championships. Miz held 3 Championships – United, WWE Tag Team and World Tag Team, he was the first wrestler in WWE to do so.


Miz appeared on NXT as mentor to Daniel Bryan. During his time mentoring Bryan, he attacked Bryan causing him to lose against Chris Jericho as Miz felt Bryan disrespected him, thus beginning the start of their long rivalry. At WrestleMaina ShowMiz successfully retained their Unified Tag Team Championships against John Morrison and R-Truth, however they lost the Championships to The Hart Dynasty, this caused Big Show to turn on Miz and be drafted to SmackDown. Tyson Kidd of Hart Dynasty defeated Miz in a match which any member of The Dynasty could take on Miz for the United States Championship. Miz selected to go against Bret Hart and lost, despite attempted interference from Chris Jericho, William Regal and Vladmir Kozlov. Miz went back to NXT again to mento Alex Riley, upon his return he then won the United States Championship, for a second time defeating; Zack Ryder, R-Truth and John Morrison.

At Money In The Bank, Miz was successful in grabbing the briefcase and becoming Mr Money In The Bank. Miz had many attempts at trying to cash the briefcase inon WWE Champion Sheamus, but kept being interrupted by other wrestlers before he even had a chance to do anything. Daniel Bryan returned and took Miz’s place on Team WWE at SummerSlam causing Miz to attack him, this reignited their feud, Bryan defeated Miz for the United States Championship at Night of Champions. Miz finally cashed in the Money In The Bank Briefcase on Randy Orton becoming WWE Champion.

maxresdefault (1)

Super Showdown Predictions

WWE are packing A LOT into October because the Devil works hard, but Vinnie Mac works so much fucking harder!! Its so fucking cool that WWE are doing a show in Australia, now America can feel the burn of staying up (if Europe, Asia, and Australasia can do it frequently, then so can they). Anyway I’m rambling, let’s predict!!!

Becky Lynch (c) vs Charlotte – SmackDown Championship

WWE shocked me by making Bex win at HIAC, I legitimately wasn’t expecting it and I’m so fucking glad I was wrong!! Now, I think Becky is retaining because an interesting note is Charlotte was technically a transitional Champion. Charlotte won it at SummerSlam and then lost it the next month, I mean WWE MIGHT put it on Charlotte again to have Bex win at Evolution but honestly I can’t see that happening. Although with WWE, absolutely bloody anything is possible.

Cedric Alexander (c) vs Buddy Murphy – Cruiserweight Championship

Murphy should so have the home country win. It’s infinitely more awesome than a home town win because the dude will have a whole damn country behind him. Plus Cedric has been Champion for fucking ever, it needs to move forward.

The Bella Twins & Ronda Rousey vs Riotttttttt Squad

I will never ever want bloody Riotttttttt Squad to win. I hate Liv Morgan, Sarah Logan is missing something and Ruby Riott would be so awesome as a solo wrestler.

Bobby Lashley & John Cena vs Elias and Kevin Owens

Lashley and Cena will probably win for the super happy face win!! Elias and Owens have more heat than the Sun after their Seattle basketball rib and yikes that was crazy. I mean Cena is literally there for happy fun times because he’s currently in China having some sort of existential crisis (okay it’s wrestling stuff, but lord that man has become ripped as hell)

AJ Styles (c) vs Samoa Joe – WWE Championship – No Count Out, No Disqualification, there MUST be a winner

This feud had been straight fire! From Joe screaming Styles’ wife to Styles doing everything he can to keep this Championship, there hasn’t been a dull moment. Easily the match of the evening, however I think Styles is retaining, because…

Daniel Bryan vs The Miz – Number 1 Contendership for the WWE Championship

Miz is winning. Miz is going to beat Styles, Bryan will feud with someone (Batista maybe?) then Bryan wins at Royal Rumble and becomes WWE Championship 5 years after he won it at WrestleMania 30. Boom another sweet Mania moment for D-Bry.

The Shield vs Drew McIntyre, Dolph Ziggler & Braun Strowman

I don’t get this feud but I love it. The Shield when they were first on the main roster dominated the fuck out everyone, now Strowman and his minions are dominating The Shield. I don’t know who will win, I enjoy matches where I can’t pick a winner, I’m still happy with the result.

The New Day (c) vs The Bar – SmackDown Tag Team Championship

I’m still so fucking salty that WWE broke up Rusev Day, they should be here. Ugh, I guess I’m going to back The Bar because let’s be honest, their awesome as Champions. Plus, it’s still about time SAnitY were back in the tag picture.

Asuka & Naomi vs The IIconics

Yes, The IIconics are Australian and sure they should have a home country win, BUT the amount of times they beat and attacked Naomi before she teamed with Asuka they deserve the win so much fucking more!!

Triple H (with HBK) vs The Undertaker (with Kane)

In their last match ever (until the next one) Trips will battle the Phenom again. Their HIAC at WrestleMania 28 was amazing, I’d like Trips to win because Taker won that but shenanigans will definitely happen with HBK and Kane being there.

Why The Divas Are Important and an Integral Part of Evolution

Being a female in the biggest wrestling company of the world has never been easy. From being essentially sexual objects to now main eventing; women in WWE past, present and future have done huge things in WWE. Many hate the Diva Era, I myself don’t like some of the Divas but still they had a part of making the Women’s Division what it is today.

Yes the Women’s Revolution was fantastic, there is no denying that. The RAW and SmackDown Women’s Championship are definitely an improvement on the Divas Championship but that doesn’t mean the women who held that Championship aren’t important. Charlotte, is a 7 time (combined from RAW and SmackDown) and she was the last woman to hold the Divas Championship so TECHNICALLY she was classed as a Diva. Same with Paige, Sasha and Becky yet everyone adores them. Don’t forget Beth Phoenix was a Divas Champion along with Nattie and they’re both wildly loved and were Divas.

Diva is used as some sort of filthy word, like just because there was one time the women in WWE were seen as just sexy doesn’t mean they’re not as important. Trish Stratus started off as Vince McMahon’s lap dog (I mean he had her barking like a dog for fuck sake) but she shook all that off to become huge beyond belief.

Take The Bella Twins. They started off as Divas but they moved forward with WWE towards the Women’s Revolution yet people still constantly shit on what they do. Both women could have left WWE at any point, Brie only temporarily retired to have a baby, but both women whether people like it or not love wrestling and want to do it to they’re physically unable too, which almost happened for Nikki in 2015.

Each woman who laced up their boots (or trainers), did so for a reason, because they wanted a chance of excellence and many did. Evolution is going to be a fantastic chance for women of past to take on women of today and for the women of the future to show what they can do. The Diva Era was a period in WWE’s history, a period that happened and can never be unwritten or removed. It is something that should be embraced, never forget AJ Lee was classed as a Diva, many absolutely loved her and even though she hated the term, she still was.

Interview With A Black & Brave Graduate

Another successful interview this time with a graduate from Black & Brave Wrestling school:

Beckie: First question what got you into wanting to wrestle?

JT Energy: I’ve loved Pro wrestling ever since I rented my first WWF VHS when I was in Elementary School.

B: What was training like at Black and Brave?

JTE: It was an amazing and humbling experience, no matter how hard you train in the gym or even trying to have the right diet can prepare you for what you try to teach your body to do. I’m fortunate that I have some of the best coaches in the world giving me open and honest feedback throughout the training and beyond.

B: Sounds absolutely fantastic. What do you want to do next in wrestling?

JTE: I’d love to really hone my craft in the Midwest but travel more in the future all over the country building my body of work, I’d also love to travel internationally and see the world while doing what I love. The end goal will always be make it to WWE and prove my worth to myself and everyone that ever doubted me and my passion.

B: Good set of goals, hopefully we’ll see you in WWE one day. Who are your dream Indie opponents?

JTE: Locally I’d love to tear it up with Shane Hollister and Jeremy Wyatt. On a bigger indie level I’d say Joey Ryan and Jamie Senegal.

B: Should be fun! Is there any other brands you want to wrestle with other than WWE?

JTE: Impact, ROH, NJPW, PWG, HOH, AAW, Blackcraft Wrestling.

B: Wow! So you’ve got your bases well and truly covered!! Good luck to you.

JTE: Thank you so much!

B: You’re welcome, it’s great to see somebody so driven. Final question, what was your very first wrestling match?

JTE: In front of paying spectators it was a 5 man over the top rope Battle Royale with the 4 other men I graduated Black and Brave with.

B: Must have been absolutely exhilarating.

JTE: You are correct.

Thank you JT Energy to the interview!! You can follow him on Twitter @DJClickNPlay

Hell In A Cell Predictions

Hell In A Cell is here once again and I’m intrigued to see what will happen. Will Braun be Universal Champion? Will Jeff launch himself off the Cell – well the answer is likely yes. Here’s what I think will happen:

Ronda Rousey (c) vs Alexa Bliss – RAW Women’s Championship

Bliss isn’t winning. WWE certainly didn’t make Ronda win this to drop it a few weeks later. Honestly WWE’s plans for the RAW Women’s Championship isn’t clear going forward, allegedly she’s facing Nikki Bella at Evolution, but I don’t see Nikki winning if this does happen. Maybe there will be a Baszler call up and she eventually dethrones her. Whatever happens will be good.

Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre (c) vs Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins – RAW Tag Team Championship

I’d like Ziggler and McIntyre to retain. It would be daft them losing the Championship so quickly. I however wouldn’t put past WWE having Ambrose and Rollins win.

AJ Styles (c) vs Samoa Joe – WWE Championship

I love Styles but I really want Joe to win. Joe has been fucking amazing in this feud, by dragging in Styles’ family, by screaming the name of his wife’s name into a microphone and on SmackDown reading a bedtime story of Styles’ fate. Joe is amazing and would make an excellent WWE Champion.

Charlotte (c) vs Becky Lynch

Becky has been attacking Charlotte all over the place since Charlotte won at SummerSlam there was even some attempt of turning her heel. I feel this feud could be a hell of a lot better, even though both are putting everything into it with Becky’s heel turn failing (even though to me her promos are coming across heel). It however was about time Becky did the turning on instead of being turned on, I just wish the heel turn could have actually worked. Charlotte’s retaining, Becky will win if they do fight at Evolution.

Roman Reigns (c) vs Braun Strowman – Universal Championship – Hell In A Cell – Mick Foley special guest referee

This is will be Braun’s cash-in match which is absolutely ridiculous. Reigns has literally only just stopped Lesnar’s century long reign so he’s not losing. Absolutely don’t get why Foley is a special guest referee, although you can bet Braun will slam him into the Cell or something crazy like that.

New Day (c) vs Rusev Day – SmackDown Tag Team Championship

Rusev Day has to win. I’m a huge fan of The New Day but Rusev Day needs this win so much, Rusev and Aiden English have been a tag team for a long time and it’s about time they had tag gold. What better day to win it than on Rusev Day?

Jeff Hardy vs Randy Orton – Hell In A Cell

Jeff is going to go all out crazy in this match, everyone knows he’s going to leap off of the Cell, it’s going to be a fucking mental match. Jeff will undoubtedly win, well unless he’s too damaged and Orton capitalises on that.

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella vs The Miz and Maryse

So the feud continues and this time the wives are involved, I’m hoping there’s going to be a great pay off for this feud. What I want to happen is around November is for The Miz to win the WWE Championship, for Bryan to win the Royal Rumble and for the big win to happen at WrestleMania 35. So in order for that to happen, I think Brie and Bryan will lose Sunday to push up Miz towards the main event.

Women On The Indies That Are Just Fucking Great

Women’s wrestling is fucking amazing!! The Indie scene is hotter than the Sun, Venus and Mercury combined together, these women in literally no particular order are so talented, they will blow your mind. You ready?

Chelsea Green

Dr Britt Baker DMD

Xia Brookside

Tessa Blanchard

Jordynne Grace

Session Moth Martina

Millie McKenzie

Bea Priestley

Killer Kelly

Zoe Lucas

Charli Evans

Sierra Loxton


Fay Jackson

Kay Lee Ray

Mia Yim

Penelope Ford

Aja Perera


Kris Wolf

Taya Valkyrie

Candy Floss


Delilah Doom

Robyn Reid

Jessie “Bonesaw” Brooks

Lady Shani

Santana Garrett

Sü Yüng

Ruby Raze

Shotzi Blackheart

Willow Nightingale

Kiera Hogan


Gabby Ortiz

Thunder Rosa

Harlow O’Hara

The Best Belts in Wrestling

Since wrestling has begun, everyone was wanted a title around their waist, it’s a sign that you’re top and that you are the best. These are some current beautiful belts in brands other than WWE:


IWGP Heavyweight Championship

Inaugural Champion – Antonio Inoki

Current Champion – Kenny Omega

Most Reigns – Hiroshi Tanahasi

Longest Reign – Kazichuka Okada

Shortest Reign – Kensuke Sasaki

IWGP United States Championship

Inaugural Champion – Kenny Omega

Current Champion – Juice Robinson

IWGP Intercontinental Championship

Inaugural Champion – MVP

Current Champion – Chris Jericho

Most Reigns – Shinsuke Nakamura

Longest Reign – Shinsuke Nakamura

Shortest Reign – Tetseyu Naito


PROGRESS World Championship

Inaugural Champion – Nathan Cruz

Current Champion – Walter

Most Reigns – Marty Scurll

Longest Reign – Jimmy Havoc

Shortest Reign – Mark Andrews

PROGRESS Tag Team Championship

Inaugural Champions – Mark Andrews and Eddie Dennis

Current Champions – Bandido and Flamita

Most Reigns – CCK

Longest Reign – Mark Andrews and Eddie Dennis

Shortest Reign – CCK

PROGRESS Atlas Championship

Inaugural Champion – Rampage Brown

Current Champion – Doug Williams

Most Reigns – WALTER and Matt Riddle

Longest Reign – WALTER

Shortest Reign – Matt Riddle

PROGRESS Women’s Championship

Inaugural Champion – Toni Storm

Current Champion – Jinny


Impact World Championship

Inaugural Champion – Kurt Angle

Current Champion – Austin Aries

Most Reigns – Kurt Angle

Longest Reign – Bobby Roode

Shortest Reign – Kurt Angle

Impact Tag Team Champions

Inaugural Champions – Team 3D (Brother Ray and Brother Devon)

Current Champions – The Latin American XChange

Most Reigns – Beer Money Inc (Bobby Roode and James Storm) & The Wolves (Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards)

Longest Reign – Beer Money

Shortest Reign – Frankie Kazarian and Eric Young

Impact Knockouts Championship

Inaugural Champion – Gail Kim

Current Champion – Tessa Blanchard

Most Reigns – Gail Kim

Longest Reign – Taryn Tarrell

Shortest Reign – Gail Kim

Impact X Division Championship

Inaugural Champion – AJ Styles

Current Champion – Brian Cage

Most Reigns – Chris Sabin

Longest Reign – Austin Aries

Shortest Reigns – Eric Young, Chris Sabin and Rockstar Spud

RISE Wrestling

Phoenix of RISE Championship

Inaugural Champion – Angel Dust

Current Champion – Tessa Blanchard

Guardians of RISE Championship

Inaugural/Current Champions – Paradise Lost (Dust and Raven Ash)

Westside Xtreme Wrestling

wXw Unified World Wrestling Championship

Inaugural Champion – Mad Cow

Current Champion – Absolute Andy

Most Reigns – WALTER and John Klinger

Longest Reign – Ares

Shortest Reigns – Jimmy Jacobs, Marty Scurll and Alex Shelley

wXw World Tag Team Championship

Inaugural Champions – Swi$$ Money Holding (Claudio Castagnoli and Ares)

Current Champions – Monster Consulting (Avalanche and Julian Nero)

Longest Champions – Swi$$ Money Holding and Ablas (Absolute Andy and Steve Douglas)

Longest Reign – 69ers (“Hate & Evil Rider” Martin Nolte)

Shortest Reign – Legendary Thomas Blade and Scorpion & Absolute Andy and Josh Abercrombie

wXw Shotgun Championship

Inaugural Champion – Ilja Dragunov

Current Champion – Marius Al-Ani

Most Reigns – David Starr

Longest Reign – Axel Tischer

Shortest Reign – Mason Ryan

wXw Women’s Championship

Inaugural Champion Killer Kelly

Current Champion – Vacated due to Toni Storm injured

Longest Reign – Toni Storm

Lucha Underground

Lucha Underground Championship

Inaugural Champion – Prince Puma

Current Champion – Jake Strong

Most Reigns – Pince Puma and Pentagón Dark

Longest Reign – Pentagón Dark

Shortest Reign – Prince Puma and Pentagón Dark

Lucha Underground Gift of the Gods Championship

Inaugural Champion – Fénix

Current Champion – El Dragon Azteca Jr

Most Reigns – Fénix

Longest Reign – Fénix

Shortest Reign – Marty Martinez

Lucha Underground Trios Championship

Inaugural Champions – Angélico, Ivelisse and Son of Havoc

Current Champions – The Reptile Tribe (Kobra Moon, Daga and Jeremiah Snake)

Most Reigns – Angélico, Ivelisse and Sin of Havoc

Longest Reign – Dante Fox, Killshot and the Mack

Shortest Reign – Prince Puma, Dragon Azteca Jr and Rey Mysterio