Wrestling Predictions of 2018

An attempt at predicting wrestling in 2018:

1) Roman Reigns will win the Universak Championship at WrestleMania and afterwards Braun Strowman will challenge him.

2) WWE will finally realise they need a tag team division for the women so they’re not all fighting for one belt.

3) Towards October, The Miz will begin to receive a push towards the Universal Championship.

4) Nia Jax will finally win the RAW Woman’s Championship.

5) Jeff Hardy will go to SmackDown where he can be utilised as a singles wrestler.

6) The Revival will end 2018 having been Tag Team Champions at least twice.

7) Mustafa Ali will win the Cruiserweight Championship.

8) Batista will return and team up with Triple H. After a few months of siding him, he will then turn on Triple H.

9) Carmella’s cash in will be extraordinary after such a long wait for it to happen.

10) AJ Styles will become Intercontinental Champion and will potentially fight The Miz for it.

11) Mickie James will win the RAW Woman’s Championship in a very emotional battle for it.

12) Ciampa will interfere in Gargano’s championship match, the two will then begin to feud fiercely. Gargano will eventually win after a brutal No DQ match. It wll be feud of the year.

13) Paige will turn on Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville.

14) Shane McMahon will throw him off of a Cell. He did it in 2016 and 2017. He will again in 2018.

15) Asuka and Ember Moon will meet on the main roster, their matches will be unlike their NXT stuff.

16) Adam Cole will turn on Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly. He will then go after the NXT Championship.

17) Becky Lynch will finally become 2x Champion.

18) After his contact runs out in September, Daniel Bryan will wrestle somewhere else if WWE won’t let him return to the ring there.

19) Charlotte will turn heel.

20) After the success of the Cruiserweight Classic and the Mae Young Classic, WWE will have a tag team tournament of the same style.

21) Late in 2018, Nikki Bella will become SmackDown Womens Champion.

22) Kazuchika Okada vs Kenny Omega IV will be very sensational, as one man finally beats the other.

23) Riott Squad will split up after a very underwhelming run.

24) Pete Dunne will lose the WWE United Kingdom Championship to Trent Seven at Takeover Orlando.

25) WWE will show interest in Zack Same Jr again.

26) Sami Zayn and Finn Bálor will win the Money In The Bank Briefcases

27) Kazuchika Okada with break a 700 day reign.

28) Nikki Cross will become a dominant force on whichever brand she goes to.

29) Bayley will turn heel

30) Aleister Black will debut without holding the NXT Championship


A Year In Wrestling 

2017 was an amazing year for wrestling!! So here’s my highlights (and lowlights) of wrestling with WWE, NJPW and ROH. Thank you to nodq.com for letting me use their categories (Categories here)

Male wrestler of the year:

1) Kenny Omega

2) Kazuchika Okada

3) Tetsuya Naito

Without meaning to sound as cliché as fuck, 2017 has been Omega’s year in New Japan. From the trilogy of amazing matches against Kazuchika Okada, to being the inaugural IWGP United States Champion, he’s done a fuck load. Also the G1 Final against Tetsuya Naito was just perfection. 2018 is already gearing up to be just as sensational as this year with his Wrestle Kingdom 12 Match being No DQ against WWE Legend Chris Jericho, once again Kenny Omega will remain on everyone’s lips in 2018.

Female wrestler of the year:

1) Asuka

2) Toni Storm

3) Alexa Bliss

The Empress of Tomorrow was undefeated in NXT for a large majority of 2017. Whilst she broke record after record for being the longest reigning Champion in present WWE history. From that amazing match with Nikki Cross to handing Ember Moon the NXT Woman’s Championship, she reigned supreme. Asuka still remains undefeated on RAW, and the statement still remains – “Nobody is ready for Asuka!”

Tag team of the year:

1)The Usos

2) The Young Bucks

3) The Bar

The Usos turning heel in 2017 was the best thing they could have done. Their new look was badass, their promos were first class and the matches improved leaps and bounds. The feud with The New Day was absolutely amazing, and both sides wrestled each other hard.

Finisher of the year:

1)One Winged Angel.



Wrestle Kingdom 11, all Kenny Omega wanted to do was nail a One Winged Angel on Kazuchika Okada to win. He finally hit one at Dominion but Okada kicked out, it was finally at the G1 Semi Finals that the One Winged Angel defeated Okada and it was glorious. There’s some awe inspiring watching Kenny Omega lift his opponent up and slamming them into the ground for a pin, it’s why it’s my favourite finisher.

Announcer of the year:

1) Corey Graves

2) Mauro Ranello

3) Nigel McGuiness

Corey Graves is not only the Saviour of Misbehaviour, he’s also the Saviour of Commentary. His commentary is always a joy to listen to, whether he’s picking on Tom Phillips or sighing with derision at Booker T, he’s always constantly entertaining.

Match of the year:

1) Okada vs Omega Dominion

2) The Usos vs The New Day Hell In A Cell

3) Styles vs Cena Royal Rumble

Me wanting to be a wrestling journalist wouldn’t even be a thing if it was for this match. I could explain why I love it, instead I’m just going to say read my review of it Kazuchika Okada vs Kenny Omega – A Review

PPV of the year

1) Survivor Series

2) Dominion

3) Supercard of Honor XI

No I haven’t gone crazy putting Survivor Series as my favourite PPV. There wasn’t a single match on the card that I didn’t enjoy, and the nea match was Styles vs Lesnar and Triple H realising he shouldn’t have fucked over BRAUN was the best moment.

Breakout wrestler of the year:


2) Drew Gulak

3) Velveteen Dream.

The brand split in 2016 was the best thing that happened to BRAUN and in 2017, he only improved. He became a number one contender for the Universal Championship, participated in a brilliant SummerSlam Main Event and pushed Roman Reigns over in an ambulance. Hopefully, he can become Universal Champion in 2018.

Catchphrase of the year:


2) It’s not paranoia, it’s The Usos

3) Who Wants To Walk With Elias?
Just watch this compilation to why it’s the top catchphrase:


Faction of the year:

1) Bullet Club

2) The Shield

3) Los Ingobernables De Japon

There might be snorts of derision at me making them my top faction, but it’s my choice so deal with it. Bullet Club in 2017 got a lucrative deal with Hot Topic to sell their shirts, they continue to show why they’re a top faction and they have Funko Pops coming out this year! 2018 will be another great year for them.

Comeback of the year

1) The Hardy Boyz

2) Drew Galloway

3) Paige

Who can forgot the moment The New Day announced that The Hardy Boyz were the fourth team for the Ladder Tag Team Championship match at WrestleMania? The pop was thunderous and the brothers won the RAW Tag Team Championship, and they’ve teamed with the likes of Dean Ambrose and Finn Bálor. Jeff is currently injured, and Matt is “Woken” so 2018 will be solid for them.

Theme song of the year:

1) Mike and Maria Kanellis – True Love

2) Asuka – The Future

3) Shinsuke Nakamura – Rising Sun

When Mike and Maria Kanellis burst onto our screens during Money In The Bank they were accompanied by a song that sounds like an 80’s hit. It’s been a while since it’s been heard on SmackDown, but there will no doubt be massive pop when it comes back.


Babyface of the year:

1) Johnny Gargano

2) AJ Styles

3) Bayley

The moment Tomasso Ciampa turned on Gargano, he became the ultimate baby face. Out for a while after the turn, Gargano came back to a tremendous pop. He then went on a losing streak and everyone just wanted him to get a win, which he did on the last NXT of 2017. Johnny Gargano is now the number one contender for the NXT Championship.

Heel of the year:

1) Pete Dunne

2) The Miz

3) Kevin Owens

Attacking Sam Gradwell at the United Kingdom Championship Tournament, it was obvious that Pete Dunne would be a name to remember. William Regal told him to watch himself, and Triple H told him to make a name for himself. Dunne will snarl at you, bend your fingers and try to destroy you even if you just look at the United Kingdom Championship. He will definitely be one to watch out for in 2018.

Feud of the year:

1) Okada/Omega

2) Strowman/Reigns

3) The Usos/The New Day.

Omega was a thorn in the side of Okada for most of 2017, all he wanted was the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. Each of their matches told the story of a frustrated man trying desperately to get what he deserved. Their last match was at the G1 Semi Finals and many can’t wait for their next face off.

Worst wrestler of the year:

Liv Morgan
Without turning this into a slam on Morgan, all I will say is she was called up to the main roster way to early, and her wrestling skills are sub par.

Worst match of the year:

1) Jinder vs Randy Orton Punjabi Prison Battleground

2) Alexa Bliss vs Bayley Kendo Stick on a Pole

3) Randy Orton vs Bray Wyatt WrestleMania

The Punjabi Prison match was not needed and it was truly awful. The Great Khali choking out Orton and the holding up the WWE Championship like he won it, made it more bearable.

Worst PPV of the year:

1) Battleground

2) Fastlane

3) SummerSlam

Battleground was an absolutely abysmal PPV. I struggled to even get excited when writing my predictions. I’m not going into anymore about this pile of shit.

Worst storyline of the year:

1) Jinder Mahal being Champion

2) Alexa Bliss vs Bayley

3) Jason Jordan is Kurt Angle’s son

Again, this isn’t going to become a slam of Jinder Mahal. So all I will say is it happened, I hope it doesn’t again.

Most under-utilised wrestler of the year:

1) Rusev

2) Luke Harper

3) Bray Wyatt

Finding out Rusev was meant to in Money In The Bank and become Champion was so frustrating. The man is so over its ridiculous, and being paired with Aidan English is not bad thing, but the dude should be WWE Champion by now. Everyone will be ELATED when he wins.

AJ Styles – From New Japan to WWE

AJ Styles had completed a highly successful run in TNA, the next move for the Georgian was highly anticipated. March 2014, it was announced that Styles it was reported that he would return NJPW and had signed a contract with the company. Styles return came in April at Invasion Attack where he attacked the IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada after his match he laid him out with the Styles Clash and challenged Okada to a title match, before revealing himself as the newest member of Bullet Club. 

Originally Styles was only booked to wrestle at New Japan’s big events whilst he worked full time on the American Indy circuit, Styles was seen as the leader of the ROH branch of Bullet Club. In May, at Wrestling Dontaku, he successfully defeated Kazuchika Okada for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship with help from fellow Bullet Club member Yujiro Takahashi. Styles held the IWGP Heavyweight Championship until October where he was beaten for it by Hiroshi Tanahashi after a returning Yoshitatsu stopped newest Bullet Club member Jeff Jarrett from interfering. 

At Power Struggle (November 8th), Styles had a match against Yoshitatsu with help from Jeff Jarrett, during the match, Styles legitimately broke Yoshitatsu’s neck with a botched Styles Clash. Capitalising on this New Japan pushed Styles as “killer” with the Clash becoming a controversial move. Fast forward to January 2015, Styles reentered himself back into the IWGP Heavyweight Championship picture by pinning Tanahashi in a eight man tag team match, this set up a title match between the pair at New Beginnings the following month. Once more, Styles won and regained the IWGP Heavyweight Championship, he lost the Championship to Okada that July. 

Styles set his sights on the IWGP Intercontinental Championship and sought to challenge Shinsuke Nakamura for the Championship. Unfortunately, due to an back injury Styles had to pull out of the 2015 Tag Team Leauge. Returning at the Tokyo Dome in 2016, he was unsuccessful in capturing the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. The following night after tag teaming with fellow Bullet Club member – Kenny Omega. After pinning Shinsuke Nakamura, Omega turned on AJ Styles and began attacking him, the rest of Bullet Club came out and originally tried to stop Omega, but then began attacking Styles to. Omega declared himself the new leader of Bullet Club, Styles was out of New Japan and was heading towards WWE. 

AJ Styles made his long awaited debut in WWE at the Royal Rumble in 2016, unfortunately the camera wasn’t on him as he entered, but the crowd reaction was enough, Styles was where he belonged. After the Rumble, he entered into a feud with WWE legend Chris Jericho, after defeating Jericho Fastlane, the two then teamed together as Y2AJ. The team of Y2AJ didn’t last for very long, and after an unsuccessful tag team championship attempt, Jericho attacked Styles, they both then began interfering with each others matches. Styles challenged Jericho to a match at WrestleMania which Jericho accepted and then won. 

After WrestleMania, Styles became the number one contender for the WWE Championship, in a fatal four-way after pinning Jericho. At Payback, Styles was eventually defeated Reigns even though Styles originally won by DQ and then by countout. Styles former Bullet Club stablemates Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows interfered during the match, a rematch was set for Extreme Rules where this time The Usos interfered to help Reigns. After Extreme Rules, Styles welcomed back John Cena, and then proceeded to attach him after being mocked by Gallows and Anderson about the moment, Gallows and Anderson joined in the beat down. A match was made for Money In The Bank between them and it was dubbed a dream match. Styles won with a little help from Gallows and Anderson. 

During the brand split, Styles went to SmackDown, he and Cena had another match at SummerSlam where he won again, and afterwards he became the self proclaimed Face That Runs The Place. Styles then turned his attention back towards the WWE Championship, he defeated Dean Ambrose for it via a low blow, this became Styles’ 8th World Championship overall. Styles successfully defended the Championship against Ambrose and then Cena and Ambrose in a fatal three-way. Over a period of time, Styles lost a few matches to rookie James Ellsworth including a championship match that even though Ellsworth won via DQ, Styles retained. Styles had one final Championship match against Ellsworth in which he defeated him quickly ending their odd little feud. 

Royal Rumble 2017, Styles faced John Cena this time for the WWE Championship, in what fans proclaimed as the best match of the three, Cena ended Styles 140 day reign. Styles was put into the Elimination Chamber Match for the WWE Championship with Bray Wyatt, Baron Corbin, Dean Ambrose and champion John Cena, he was unsuccessful as the Championship went to Bray Wyatt. Styles was entered into a ten man battle royal to determine who would face Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania after Royal Rumble winner refused to go against fellow stablemate Bray Wyatt. Styles was the last two and was eliminate at the same time as Luke Harper, a match was set between them to decide who would go against Bray Wyatt, Styles won that match, however Orton betrayed Wyatt and demanded his title chance. A match occurred between Orton and Styles to determine the true number one contender, but Styles lost. 

Styles attacked SmackDown’s commissioner Shane McMahon and was kayfabe fired for his actions, during that episode of SmackDown McMahon declared the two would be having a match at WrestleMania that undoubtedly Styles won. Styles then defeated Sami Zayn and Baron Corbin to become the number once contender for the United States Championship. After unsuccessfully defeating Kevin Owens for the Championship at Backlash, and then unsuccessfully winning the Money In The Back Ladder match, Styles defeated Owens for the United States Championship at Madison Square Gardens. 

Styles lost the United States Championship back to Owens, but then regained it two days later after a Triple Threat match with a returning Chris Jericho. Styles beat Owens twice more, once at SummerSlam with Shane McMahon as special guest referee, and then again on SmackDown, this would be the end of Styles and Owen’s feud. Afterwards, Styles brought back Cena’s United States Championship Open Challenge successfully beating Tye Dillinger twice who at the time was feuding with Baron Corbin. The three entered the triple threat at Hell In A Cell in which Corbin defeated Styles. Once again, Styles’ attention was back on the WWE Championship, where he attacked then Champion Jinder Mahal, during this he also appeared on RAW’s TLC against Finn Bálor as a replacement for Bray Wyatt. Styles lost, but the match ended with the two former Bullet Club leaders “Two Sweeting” each other. 

After TLC, Styles was back on RAW and this time teamed with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins to take on The Miz, Sheamus and Cesaro. Styles then reappeared later on with members of SmackDown to attack RAW as part of the siege set for Survivor Series. WWE flew overseas, SmackDown was set for Manchester England, originally a match was scheduled for Styles to face Rusev to determine who would be in Team SmackDown for Survivor Series. That match was changed. Styles would face Mahal for the WWE Championship, a match that Styles won, it was the first WWE Championship win to happen on SmackDown since 03, and the first title win outside North America. 

Styles took Mahal’s place at home against Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series, in which he lost. Styles then defeated Mahal via submission a Clash of Champions, signifying the end of their feud. 

AJ Styles’ career has been magnificent and he still has so much more left in him, from figuring out who will be his next competitors for the WWE Championship to the long awaited WWE bout of Shinsuke Nakamura vs AJ Styles. His almost 20 year career is just awe inspiring, and there really will never be another quite like AJ Styles. 
He truly is Phenomenal.

AJ Styles – The TNA Years

AJ Styles’ time in TNA is where he really became a megastar. From winning the inaugural X Division Championship to TNA World Heavyweight Championship 3x he really did it all.

Starting in TNA, he won the inaugural X Division Championship, and shortly afterwards he won the National Wrestling Alliance (an embellishment of TNA) World Tag Team Championship with Jerry Lyn. He went on to win this four more times, once with Abyss and twice with his former rival Christopher Daniels.

AJ Styles and Jerry Lynn began to bicker, and he lost the X Division Championship in Fatal 3-way with Lynn and Low Ki, it was Low Ki who became the new champion. Styles and Lynn also had a match against Jeff Jarrett and Ron Killings (R Truth) for the NWA World Tag Team Championship. This match ended in a no contest which caused the belts to be vacated. In October, Styles won the X Division Championship, defeating Syxx-Pac however he lost it to Jerry Lynn and was unsuccessful in recapturing it.

AJ Styles and Jerry Lynn

In 03, Styles set his eyes on the NWA Heavyweight Championship, he defeated David Flair to become the number one contender and then aligned himself with Larry Zbysko and Vince Russo’s stable Sports Entertainment Xtreme. Styles lost to Jeff Jarrett who was current NWA Heavyweight Championship, during the match, he attacked S.E.X (Sports Wrestling Xtreme) who tried to interfere in the match. June 4th 03, Styles once again became number one contender, and this time he successfully defeated Jeff Jarrett and Raven in a fatal three way, Russo helped Styles win and he became heel in the process. Styles became the first TNA Triple Crown winner in the process.

Throughout 03, Styles had many successful Championship defences until he lost it back to Jeff Jarrett and becoming face once more

Other highlights of AJ Styles’ TNA Career include two more NWA Heavyweight Championships, two time TNA Legends/Global/Television Championship and two time TNA World Heavyweight Championship to name just a few of the reigns he held

Between 04 and 07, Styles went back to TNA’s X Division and entered many feuds including Frankie Kazarian, Petey Williams and once again Christopher Daniels. During this time, he won the X Division Championship five more times helping elevating the Championship.

After leaving the X Division, Styles began to team with Tomko. They won a tag team gauntlet for a chance for the TNA Tag Team Championship, in which they were successful gaining defeating Adam Jones and Ron Killings. Styles broke away from Tomko after being in a feud with Kurt Angle, and after a loss at Bound For Glory, began to team with Samoa Joe. With Joe, and other younger wrestlers they formed a stable called The TNA Front Line to go against Booker T’s The Main Event Mafia. Styles had a kayfabe injury after Angle proclaimed he would end his career. Upon his return, he stole Booker T’s TNA Legends Championship and eventually actually won the belt becoming TNA’s first Grand Slam Champion in the process.

In 09, Styles was talked out of retiring by Sting, who said he wanted Styles to carry the torch. It was at No Surrender that he was successful winner of the TNA World Heavyweight Championship in a fatal five-way defeating Matt Morgan, Sting, Hernandez and Champion – Kurt Angle. At Bound For Glory, Styles defended the TNA World Heavyweight Championship against Sting, breaking Sting’s undefeated streak at the same time. In early 10, Styles turned heel and defended the Championship against Angle with help from Ric Flair, and Flair announced he was teaming with Styles and daubed him “The New Nature Boy”. Hulk Hogan ordered a rematch between Angle and Styles, in which it was announced that if Flair would interfere, Style would be stripped of the Championship and it would go to Angle. During the match, Styles reversed an Angle Lock and held Angle in the move. Referee, Earl Hebner (paid off by Flair) ordered for the bell to be rung even though Angle didn’t tap out. Styles held the Championship for 211 days, during which he was still teamed with Ric Flair, he lost the Championship to Rob Van Dam.

Due to Styles losing the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, Flair decided to take Frankie Kazarian on as a protégé, this causes immensely jealousy from Styles. Trying to get his mentor back, Styles twice tried to beat Jay Lethal and failed both times. However, Flair announced he had realigned with Styles and he was going to recreate The Four Horsemen with Kazarian, Styles, Robert Roode, Desmond Wolfe and James Storm. They named themselves Fourtune, Flair wanted them to earn their spots in the team.

Styles and Kazarian earned their spots by defeating Samoa Joe and Rob Terry with outside interference from Wolfe. Styles defeated Terry to win the Global Championship (formerly the Legends Championship) for the second time. Styles renamed the Championship the TNA Television Championship. Fortune (who by then had dropped the u from their name) began to feud with EV 2.0, Styles defeated EV 2.0’s leader Tommy Dreamer at No Surrender.

Fortune joined forces with Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff’s stable Immortal. At Final Resolution, Styles lost the Television Championship to Douglas Williams who had turned on Fortune. Fortune turned face by attacking Immortal by interfering in the TNA World Heavyweight Championship between Mr Anderson and Jeff Hardy. Flair turned on Fortune and jumped to Immortal during a match between Styles and Matt Hardy.

Fortune slowly began to fall apart, and Styles had another feud with Fortune member Christopher Daniels. After defeating Daniels in an I Quit Match, Styles then began to feud with TNA World Heavyweight Champion and Fortune member Bobby Roode. Styles failed to recapture the TNA World Heavyweight Championship from Bobby Roode. With Kazarian as the only two remaining members of Fortune, they made it to the finals of the Wild Card Tournament, during the final matches, Kazarian ditched Styles, aligned with Christopher Daniels thus ending Fortune.

At first, it seemed like Kazarian as reluctant to team with Daniels, Styles lost two matches to Kazarian, and on the last one, Kazarian teased that if Styles beat him, then he would share why he’d teamed with Daniels. Kazarian eventually revealed that he teamed with Daniels to keep him from revealing Styles’ “secret”, but changed his mind after learning what the “secret” was, at which point Daniels revealed a series of photographs hinting a relationship between Styles and the president of TNA Dixie Carter. Styles of course vehemently denied these rumours.

Styles defeated Daniels at a TV taping of TNA, afterwards Daniels and Kazarian played phone audio which they claims was proof of Styles’ affair. Styles teaming with Kurt Angle, defeated Kazarian and Daniels for the TNA World Tag Team Championship. Styles’ and Fixing Carter revealed their secret was they were helping a addicted pregnant woman names Claire Lynch overcome her problems. Styles and Angle lost the TNA World Tag Team Championship back to Kazarian and Daniels and it was then unveiled that Styles was the Father of Claire Lynch’s baby.

Styles once again defeated Daniels, and the stipulation of the match would be Styles would have a paternity test of Lynch’s baby. It them came out that Claire Lynch wasn’t pregnant, and the whole thing was cooked up by Kazarian and Daniels in order to blackmail Styles. December of 2012, Styles defeated Daniels I what was called their last ever match. Afterwards, Styles declared that he was tired of doing the right thing and that he was going to do his own thing from there on. 

In 2013, TNA began airing segments of interviews with Styles’ wife and friend, they tried to interview Styles himself to no avail. Styles was now unrecognisable, with a beard and messy hair, and dressed all in black. Styles, back on TNA stopped an attack on James Storm from Kazarian and Daniels to then attack Storm himself. Styles then had a match with Storm, defeating him an debuting his new Calf Killer submission hold.  Styles then moved onto feuding with Kurt Angle after he refused to tell Angle whether he was part of the stable Aces & Eights. On a TV taping of TNA, I seemed like he had teamed with Aces & Eights, joining then on a attack of Angle, however he ten attacked them, and cemented himself as a lone wolf.

On his way to Bound For Glory, AJ Styles defeated many people in order to get the points to qualify for Bound For Glory.  At No Surrender before BFG, Styles defeated Austin Aries in the semi finals and Magnus in the finals of the Bound For Glory series in which he would become number one contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at BFG. 

The week after No Surrender, AJ Styles said he was no longer under contract at TNA and insulted Dixie Carter, Carter responded by saying Styles wasn’t a good wrestler. Even though Styles said he wasn’t contracted with TNA, he still continued to appear on their programming. He defeated Bully Ray for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at Bound For Glory despite interference from Aces & Eights and Dixie Carter. This would be his fifth World Championship for the company. Styles successfully defeated Ray in a rematch for the Championship, even though Mr Anderson helped Ray. Afterwards, Styles refused to sign a contract and walked away with the title. 
Upon his return, he confronted Dixie Carter and newly appointed TNA Heavyweight Champion Magnus. He challenged Magnus to a title unification with Magnus accepted and won. Several wrestlers got involved with the match, eight to help Magnus and Sting to help Styles. 

Contract negotiations broke down with AJ Styles and TNA, it was then revealed Styles would be leaving TNA thus ending his long and storied career with the promotion. 

AJ Styles – The Georgian Who Took Over The Wrestling World 

Before he signed with WWE in 2016, WWE were desperate to sign AJ Styles. With his previous Indy, TNA and NJPW work it was easy to see why. One of the most amazing wrestlers of his time and any time, Styles is future Hall Of Fame material, and in 30 years time, you will still remember the name – AJ Styles.

Styles began his wrestling career in 1998, he was trained by Rick Michaels, he won his first title (Television Championship) at National Championship Wrestling in 99. He then started on lesser known Indy brands. In 01, Styles took part in All Pro Wrestling’s King of the Indies tournament, where he won the first round but was eliminated by Christopher Daniels.

In 01, Styles even worked with WWF’s biggest rivals – WCW, he was renamed as Air Styles and put into a gimmick with Air Paris called Air Raid. They entered and were eliminated from the newly created WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship Tournament. 

Alongside the start of his time within Total Non-Stop Action, Styles also wrestled for Ring of Honor, where once again he went against Christopher Daniels and the likes of Low Ki and Paul London. Styles was ROH Tag Team Championship with Amazing Red, after this reign ended, he took on a protégé of Jimmy Rave and attempted to be ROH World Champion.

Styles defeated Bryan Danielson to become number on contender for the championship, but he however was unsuccessful in capturing the championship from Samoa Joe. Styles did, however capture the inaugural ROH Pure Wrestling Champion defeating CM Punk, Matt Stryker and his protégé Jimmy Rave. In 04, TNA withdrew it’s contracted wrestlers from all ROH events and Styles vacated the title.

AJ Styles entered into a feud with Jimmy Rave, who claimed Styles stole his move the “Rave Clash”, in which Styles called it the Styles Clash. After losing to Rave, he then beat him with Mick Foley as the special guest referee, the loser could no longer use the clash move. Styles had another unsuccessful ROH World Championship attempt and an unsuccessful ROH Tag Team Championship attempt with Matt Sydal. AJ Styles said he was taking a few months off of ROH, however the commentators said that he had fought his final match.

Countdown of the Greatest Managers in WWE 

What makes a great manager? To me, it’s someone who doesn’t fade into the background, somebody who is great on the microphone, somebody who can elevate the talent and in Paul Heyman’s case, get involved in segments as when Samoa Joe had him in the Coquina Clutch. Managers should be more than just there, they should be unforgettable and to me, these are the best of the bunch:

12) Freddie Blassie

Blassie managed multiple wrestlers in his time with WWE, from The Iron Sheik (as pictured above) to King Kong Bundy. Blassie was also the first manager of Hulk Hogan.

11) Teddy Long

Teddy Long managed Doom amongst many others in WWE. Teddy also was a referee and SmackDown General Manager in WWE.

10) Sensational Sherri

Sherri managed a number of brilliant wrestlers such as Ric Flair, but her most infamous client was Shawn Michaels, who can forget her screaming the start of Shawn’s theme? Sherri also wrestled and was trained by The Fabulous Moolah.

9) Marlena/Terri Runnels

Marlena was one of the greatest female managers in the Attitude Era She managed her then real life husband Goldust, amongst many others. Marlena also wrestled and was the on screen girlfriend of Val Venis whilst managing him.

8) Mr Fuji

Managed himself by Freddie Blassie, he went on to manage Demolition, Jim Neidhart, “Cowboy” Bob Orton and Davey Boy Smith along with many others.

7) Jimmy Hart

Jimmy Hart was not only the manager of wrestlers such as The Honky Tonk Man, but he was also a composer who created themes such as Shawn Michaels’ Sexy Boy.

6) Paul Ellering

Paul Ellering managed one of the greatest tag teams ever – The Legion of Doom. He also managed Jake Roberts and many others. Ellering took time away from wrestling and came back to manage NXT tag team Authors of Pain. Paul Ellering has a daughter who is a wrestler.

5) Paul Bearer

Who can forget Paul Bearer’s shrill voice as he spoke about The Undertaker? Carrying the urn which was said to give The Undertaker power and control him, their partnership was brilliant.

4) JJ Dillon

JJ Dillon was most infamous for being the strategic leader of the original Four Horsemen. He was also inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2012 as part of the Four Horsemen.

3) Miss Elizabeth

Miss Elizabeth managed Macho Man Randy Savage, and their on screen relationship provided brilliant storylines, they also had an odd screen relationship. You couldn’t imagine one without the other so it was heartbreaking when then split up, but joyous when they were reunited.

2) Paul Heyman

Paul Heyman is one of the greatest men on the microphone. From the days of Paul E Dangerously as ECW mastermind to the advocate of Brock Lesnar. Paul Heyman will always be truly wonderful, and hopefully he’s around for years to come.

1) Bobby Heenan

Bobby Heenan was known as the greatest manager in WWF history. The wrestlers he wrestled with became known as The Heenan Family, he also did colour commentary with Gorilla Monsoon.

Women of Independent Wrestling

I was scrolling through Twitter, when I saw a Tweet from former professional wrestler Madusa retweeted onto my timeline. The Tweet was quite simple:

It inspired me to write this blog post on the wonderful women of independent wrestling.

As we all know, wrestling beyond the WWE exists. In the past couple of years Indie wrestling has become bigger and more dominant and it’s not just men who are making names for themselves, the women are too. Back in August, some of the best names in women’s wrestling took part in the eagerly awaited Mae Young Classic on the WWE Network. Names like; Toni Storm, Candice LeRae, Tess Blanchard and winner Kairi Sane all showed old and new fans alike just what they can do.

In Indie wrestling, there is a lot of intergender wrestling. Take Candice LeRae, her tag team partner is the infamous Joey Ryan and together they are the World’s Cutest Tag Team. One of their most popular matches is against The Young Bucks at PWG where she took a shoe with thumb tacks glued to the bottom! The audience rightfully chanted “she’s hardcore” at her. There are other women who do a lot of intergender wrestling for example the Scottish wonder Session Moth Martina.

Women of independent wrestling like to make a name for themselves, one who does so is Toni Storm. 2017 has been an amazing year for her, she has not only appeared in WWE’s Mae Young Classic (as mentioned above), she has also won Westside Xtreme Wrestling – Femme Fatale and in Stardom she won the Cinderella Tournament and is current World of Stardom Championship and SWA World Championship. No wonder WWE want her to sign.

No matter where these women wrestle, from PROGRESS to Women of Honour, from North America to Japan they own the ring, and they own the crowd. Woman’s wrestling has never been so thrilling with more ways than ever to become a star, the ways of WWE’s Attitude Era is completely extinct as women now want to kick arse as much as if not more than men.

WWE themselves have signed some Indie badasses; Dakota Kai, Rhea Ripley, Jazzy Gabbert and even though she’s recovering from injury the awe inspiring Nixon Newell. They are also rumoured to be wanting to sign; Toni Storm, Candice LeRae, Viper and Tessa Blanchard. Even if WWE get those women, more women will slide into their role of greatness.

Wrestling isn’t just a man’s world anymore, now it’s a women’s world too.

Survivor Series Predictions

Another month and yet another PPV. I don’t know why WWE can’t just have RAW with a PPV one month and SmackDown the other but obviously Vinnie Mac wants to tire us all out with PPV’s all the time. Anyway I’m rambling on, here’s my predictions for the fourth and final “big four” PPV of RAW vs SmackDown:

The Shield vs The New Day

I love The New Day but I cannot back them over The Hounds of Justice. Due to Reigns being ill, the long awaited Shield PPV match couldn’t happen, now The Big Dawg is back at 100%, he should help get the boys towards victory.

Alexa Bliss vs Charlotte

The Goddess vs The Queen. After Charlotte beat Natalya in SmackDown (torn about that) but I’m going to back Charlotte. I’m a huge fan of Alexa Bliss, but I’d love for Charlotte to win. Charlotte will be the last Four Horsewoman for Alexa to face so it will be an amazing match as she tries her hardest to defeat Charlotte.

Brock Lesnar vs AJ Styles


Ahem. I want Styles to win. Have a feeling WWE will make this squash central and have Brock Lesnar win. I hope they don’t, but I know what WWE are like, we ALL know what WWE are like. Ugh.

The Bar vs The Usos

Yes we are getting The Shield vs The New Day, but I wanted Dean and Seth vs The Usos dammit!! Wanting The Usos to win, they need to put another tag team in The Uso Penitentiary™. Got a feeling this will be a fairly brutal match.

The Miz vs Baron Corbin

Trading promos on Twitter to gain more interest, this will be another brutal match because Corbin mentioned Maryse. Now you don’t bring a mans wife in to it and not except him to explode so yeah, I can imagine The Miz being an angry porcupine. Let’s have Corbin win though, would be interesting.

Enzo Amore (c) vs Kalisto – Cruiserweight Championship

Enzo is still a twat. I mean, yeah the 205 move was good for him, but he’s still a ginormous knob. Would be very awesome if Drew Gulak turned on Enzo costing him the Cruiserweight Championship, which would set up a feud between them, allowing say Cedric Alexander to feud with Kalisto and we all win! 

Women’s Traditional 5 on 5 Survivor Series Match (Nia Jax, Bayley, Sasha Banks, Asuka and Captain Alicia Fox vs Naomi, Carmella, Tamina Snuka, Captain Becky Lynch and TBA)

Who will be Team SmackDown’s 5th woman? Let’s take a little look at who it might be; Paige – possibly, although WWE want her to be on RAW. Nikki Bella – highly unlikely, she wants to comeback with Brie. Lana – maybe but I’m not sure is ready yet. Natalya – most likely as Charlotte beat her so she just settles there. Anyway, with Asuka still being undefeatable, I can see her being the last woman standing with say Becky Lynch and then Asuka puts her in the Asuka lock and Team RAW win. 

Men’s Traditional 5 on 5 Survivor Series Match (Braun Strowman, Finn Bálor, Samoa Joe, Triple fucking H and Captain Kurt Angle vs Shinsuke Nakamura, Bobby Roode, John Cena, Randy Orton and Captain Shane McMahon)

Match of the damn night right here. I am so excited for this match, after RAW and scenes of Jason Jordan sobbing his little heart out after Big Bad Bray Wyatt attacked him after their match, Triple H swaggered out and nailed a Pedigree on his arse after announcing he was the fifth man. Oh that scoundrel! This match will just be awe inspiring from start to finish as Triple H goes against Nakamura, Roode, Cena, his brother-in-law Shane McMahon and his former protégé Randy Orton. I see Team RAW winning because there team is practically unstoppable and I think Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens will cause shenanigans against Shane McMahon and eliminate him thus causing say Strowman eliminating Roode for the win. 

Women Who Paved The Way In WWE

Women have been a part of WWE forever. At first you had the likes of Fabulous Moolah wrestling and making an impact in the then WWF, all that however changed when Alundra Blayze defected to WCW. Gone was the amazing wrestling and in its place was women just being sexual objects. It would take a tremendous effort to pull it out of the slump, until it once more slipped back into despair. It took a hash tag, AJ Lee and Paige to get WWE to where it is now. Finally women’s wrestling in WWE means a lot more than it ever has, so here are the trailblazers from Fabulous Moolah going forward:

1) Fabulous Moolah

Trained by Mae Young but appearing in WWF before her, Moolah started by being a woman’s champion for 28 years. Moolah became NWA (National Wrestling Alliance) 3rd Woman’s Champion in 1956 and WWF did not exist until 1963. In the 1970’s, Moolah bought the rights to the championship, defending it until she joined WWF in 1983 and unaffiliated it NWA. Because of this, WWE recognise her as their longest champion, a reign that will never be beaten. Moolah was WWF Champion 4x, had a title run at aged 76 and had some comedic spots with the late Mae Young. Fabulous Moolah had a fantastic career in wrestling within the WWF/E.

2) Wendi Richter
Trained by Fabulous Moolah, she became the woman to dethrone her mentors 28 year reign. Whilst she wasn’t with WWE for a long time due to what is known as the original screwjob, her time there was petty good. 

3) Luna Vachon

Starting WWF in 1993, Vachon started her career with a bang at WrestleMania IX by attacking Sensational Sherri (Shawn Michaels former valet) after an Intercontinental Match between Shawn Michaels and Tatanka. The fued between Vachon and Sherri was brutal. Following this feud Vachon began a partnership with Bam Bam Bigelow after he “fell in love with her”, working with Bigelow, she also had Bastion Booger kayfabe fall in love with her. Alundra Blayze then entered WWF and won the womens title, the two then feuded for the belt but Luna Vachon never won the belt. Bam Bam Bigelow and Vachon’s relationship showed cracks and Vachon sold his contract to Ted Dibasse. Luna Vachon then chose Bull Nakano to beat Alundra Blayze which she did.

Vachon then left WWF in 94. Returning to WWF in 97, she became a fantastic valet for Goldust and then entered a vicious feud with Sable that went further than just in ring hatred. Luna Vachon actually got suspended for fighting backstage with Sable, upon her return she once again chased the Woman’s Championship, this time from Ivory.

Still unsuccessful, she had a hardcore rules match against Ivory, an Intercontinental Match against Jeff Jarrett, managed her then husband Gangrel all before being released in early 2000 after another backstage outburst. Whilst with WWF, Luna Vachon was also against the sexualization of women in WWF. 

4) Alundra Blayze

Whilst Alundra Blayze’s leaving was controversial, her actual time in WWF was great. Blayze was bought in to revive the WWF’s woman’s division, and she won the Woman’s Championship in December 93 after the championship was defunct since 90. Previously mentioned, she feuded with Luna Vachon and lost the championship to Bull Nakano November of 94. Five months later, Blayze won the championship back from Bull Nakano, after the match she was attacked by Bertha Faye in which Faye broke her nose.

Returning from her nose fixing, Alundra Blayze lost the championship to Bertha Faye but regained it two months later. In December 95, Blayze was released from her contract due to financial issues within the WWF. Alundra Blayze was stripped of the Woman’s Championship after defecting to rival brand WCW, on her debut episode of Monday Nitro, she threw the WWF Woman’s Championship into a trash can. This resulted in her being blacklisted from WWE, however issues between the company and Alundra Blayze were sorted out, and Blayze was inducted into the WWE Half of Fame in 2015. 

5) Chyna

The 9th Wonder of The World and quite possibly the most dominant woman from the Attitude Era. Whilst she only won the WWF Women’s Championship once, she remains the only women to win the Intercontinental Championship twice and be the first woman to enter the Royal Rumble. Chyna was part of D Generation X where she teamed with Triple H and Shawn Michaels and then Road Dogg, Billy Gunn and X Pac.

After losing the Intercontinental Championship a second time, she became the on screen girlfriend of the late Eddie Guerrero. Their relationship only lasted until November 2000, and afterwards Chyna appeared in a Playboy Shoot, something WWE used for a storyline. Shortly after, Chyna began to feud with Ivory for the WWF Championship.

At Royal Rumble, during a match against Ivory, Chyna appeared to reinjure her neck and took time out to recuperate. Chyna returned and finally defeated Ivory for the Woman’s Championship at WrestleMania X-Seven. Chyna’s last match was against Lita in 01 where even though she won, she left the company after not being used for months.

There is several reports as to why she left, including her in real life boyfriend (Triple H) beginning a relationship with Stephanie McMahon. Whilst its not fully clear why she departed, Chyna became looked down upon by WWE for going into pornography. Before WWE and Chyna could sort out their differences, she passed away in April 16. 

6) Lita

The girl all the bad guys want. Lita was a major trailblazer in her short time in WWE. Lita never did the sexy Diva thing, yes she was gorgeous but her role wasn’t to be a sexual object. Joining WWF in 2000 with Luchador Essa Rios, they worked together for a while until Rios turned on her and she then teamed with Matt and Jeff Hardy forming Team Xtreme. It was with Team Xtreme that Lita became the first woman ever involved in a Tables Ladders and Chairs Match.

Then Team Xtreme feuded with Test and Albert and their manager Trish Stratus in what became one of the most dynamic on and off again feuds. Lita’s first title win came from defeating Stephanie McMahon. The Hardy Boyz feuded with Edge and Christian, who helped Ivory win the championship off of Lita. Lita fought against Dean Melinko and had an on and off screen relationship with Matt Hardy. Lita also teamed with Trish Stratus for many years against Stacy Kiebler and Torrie Wilson, members of The Alliance: ECW and WCW.

Lita won the Woman’s Championship three more times, and even went on to manage Edge where after he won the WWE Championship in 08, they had a simulated live sex show. Lita retired at Survivor Series in a match with Mickie James, in which James won the Woman’s Championship. 

6) Trish Stratus

Trish Stratus started out in WWF as manager for Test and Albert and then valet for Val Venis. After many unsuccessful attempts at capturing the Women’s Championship, she entered into an angle with Vince McMahon in which Vince’s actual wife was “institutionalized” so the two could have a romance.

In viewing that was often demeaning, Stratus was made to bark like a dog in her underwear after McMahon decided he was done with her. At WrestleMania X-Seven, Stratus slapped Vince McMahon in the face thus ending their little relationship. Free from the shackles of Vince McMahon, Trish Stratus was able to shine and shine she did.

A Woman’s Championship winner 7x, she was even a Hardcore Champion after pinning Crash Holly. Trish Stratus retired in 06 after defeating Lita to win the Woman’s Championship in the main event of RAW, this was the first time women main evented RAW. 

7) Mickie James

Mickie James debuted on RAW in 05 as a Trish Stratus mega fan. James and Stratus tagged together which involved James getting more and more obsessed with her. Whislt it was an unusual gimmick, its certainly helped Mickie James gain more popularity for her. The angle between two took a slightly more romantic turn when James kissed Stratus under mistletoe. This isn’t what Trish wanted, and she told James they needed time apart.

Then in early 06, Mickie James attacked Ashley Massaro serveral times after Massaro called her crazy. The two had a match at Royal Rumble with Trish Stratus as referee, afterwards Mickie James declared her love for Stratus. However, after the duo defeated Candice Michelle and Victoria at Saturday Night Main Event, Stratus pushed James away after the latter tried to kiss her. Mickie James declared she’d get revenge on her. 

Mickie James won her first Championship from Trish Stratus at WrestleMania XXII, the first of seven. Mickie left WWE in 2010 after stating WWE were going in a different direction. Mickie James returned to WWE in 16 where she appeared on an episode of NXT to challenge the then champion Asuka. After she failed to get the championship, James was drafted to SmackDown to help Alexa Bliss. She debuted as masked wrestler La Luchadora and attacked Becky Lynch. 

It was revealed that it was Mickie James, where she had matches against Becky Lynch, Naomi and Nikki Bella. Mickie James appeared in a six-pack challenge at WrestleMania XXXIII for the SmackDown Woman’s Championship, however she was unsuccessful. Transferring to RAW after WrestleMania, James has kept herself busy including two recent bouts with Alexa Bliss for the RAW Women’s Championship. 

8) AJ Lee

With WWE back in the slump of treating women like trash, it was down to one pint sized New Jerseyan to begin to make a difference – AJ Lee. In WWE, women were back to not being proper wrestlers, with WWE now in its PG Era, it wasn’t like the bra and panties matches but it was bad enough. AJ Lee started out on an all female season of NXT back when it was a reality TV show. Lee had wrestler Primo as her mentor, they teased the two having a relationship and the two kissed on the season finale. 

Whilst she didn’t win, she still made an impact. Debuting on SmackDown in 2011, she teamed with Kaitlyn for a while going against the likes of Alicia Fox, Tamina Snuka and Rosa Mendes. Lee and Kaitlyn, even went against Natalya and Beth Phoenix after Natalya turned on the pair after being their mentor. Switching to RAW, AJ Lee had a string of on screen relationships, and then entered a feud with Kaitlyn for the Divas Championship. Lee won it at Payback 13, it would be the first of her three reigns. 

From 2013, the title was going nowhere as she successfully defended it from everyone, hiring Tamina Snuka to be her bodyguard. In January 2014, AJ Lee became the longest reigning Divas Champion, and she had a successful defense WrestleMania XXX against 14 Divas. 

The night after however, AJ Lee lost it to debuting Diva Paige. The two would feud for it over a few months in 2014 until she lost her third and final reign to Nikki Bella. AJ Lee retired in 2015 at WrestleMania XXXI in a tag match with Paige where they defeated The Bella Twins. 

9) Paige

WWE’s resident goth. Paige burst onto our screens as the anti Diva of WWE. She didn’t need fake tan, and glamour to be a good wrestler. Paige was the pale Princess who became the inaugural NXT Woman’s Champion defeating Emma for it. Holding the Championship for 274 days, she was forced to vacate it after debuting the night after WrestleMania XXX and defeating AJ Lee for the Divas Championship. 

Paige lost a fair few of her first debuting matches, including the Divas Championship to a returning AJ Lee. Paige won back and then lost the title one final time to AJ Lee. Paige often attacked AJ Lee but made it seem like she did it because she loved her and they were such good friends. Paige teamed with AJ Lee one final time at WrestleMania  XXXI in Paige’s first ever WrestleMania. 

Paige teamed with Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch in the televised Divas Revolution, she then turned  on Charlotte and Becky when Charlotte beat Nikki Bella for the Divas Championship. After the Brand Split of 16, Paige was drafted to RAW, a month later she announced she was on hiatus for a neck injury. During that time she was suspended twice for for violating the wellness policy. Paige continued to recuperate her neck and has now been cleared to come back. Hopefully, Paige will be back on our screens soon. 

10) The Four Horsewomen

They are Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks Becky Lynch and Bayley. Whilst they aren’t an actual stable, they put up The Four Horsemen hand gesture after Bayley finally won the NXT Woman’s Championship in a match winning main event in 2015 and it stuck. 

Charlotte, Sasha and Bayley are all NXT Women’s Championship winners and all four women are main roster winners. You cannot think of one women without thinking of the other three. From Sasha and Charlotte’s five month long feud to Becky Lynch being the inaugural SmackDown Woman’s Championship they have done it all. 

Collectively they have main evented a PPV, had the first woman’s Hell In A Cell Match, had the first woman’s Tables match at TLC, main evented RAW for the first time since Trish and Lita, had two glorious Iron Man matches and that’s just a small section of what they’ve achieved. Between them, they have held 15 Championship and when Charlotte wins the SmackDown Women’s Championship, she will be the only woman to have held every championship available for a woman. 

Hopefully one day, WWE will put them together as an unstoppable stable. 

11) Asuka

The Empress of Tomorrow and the unstoppable force of WWE. Asuka held the NXT Woman’s Championship for 510 days defeating the likes of Ember Moon, Nikki Cross to name a few of the many women. Asuka broke records with her championship reign, beating Goldberg’s undefeated streaks, beating Rockin’ Robin’s 502 day reign and CM Punk’s 434 day reign.  Asuka was unstoppable as NXT Woman’s Championship and relinquished it due to injury. Asuka debuted on RAW on the TLC PPV and beat Emma. Asuka has now just been destroying local wrestlers on RAW and still remains undefeatable. It will be exciting to see the direction WWE takes with Asuka. 

Obviously, I can’t mention every woman who has paved the way, as there are so many more. So here’s a thanks to other great ones that I didn’t mention:

Victoria, Ivory, Jaqueline, Beth Phoenix, Natalya, Stephanie McMahon, Bull Nakano and Molly Holly – thank you. 

The Road Dogg Jesse James, The Badass Billy Gunn – The New Age Outlaws!!

*takes a deep breath*

“Oh you didn’t know your ass better call somebody.
It’s me it’s me it’s that d.o.double g rollin’ with that a double crooked letter damn right I’d like to welcome everybody too the Dogg house.

Ladies and gentleman boys and girls, children of all ages D Generation X proudly brings too you, The Road Dogg Jesse James The Bad Ass Billy Gunn The New Age Outlaws, and if your not down with that we got two words for you:



Now that’s out of my system, let’s talk about The New Age Outlaws. Six time WWF Tag Team Champions and one time TNA Tag Team Champions, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn are two talented as hell wrestlers. They were also part of D Generation X.

The New Age Outlaws formed after Billy Gunn (then Rockabilly) smashed a guitar over The Honky Tonk Man’s head, by doing so he created one of the most loved tag teams of the Attitude Era. They won their first tag team gold in 97 after defeating The Legion of Doom, the win was said to be a steal after winning they ran out the building and towards a waiting car, and JR likened it to outlaws leaving a robbery. The notoriety of The New Age Outlaws was born. 

During WrestleMania XIV, NAO lost the tag team championships to Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie, the infamous night after WrestleMania however, they won the belts back with the help of Triple H and X Pac. D Generation X were here minus Shawn Michaels. Fighting tag teams all through 98, they lost and won the championship, then both men wanted solo gold. 

They split up and Road Dogg pursued and won the Hardcore Championship and Billy Gunn pursued and won the International Championship. No longer The New Age Outlaws, both men worked on a solo career. Gunn won King of Ring and turned heel. In 99, they reunited as faces but the call of a heel turn came with the newly reformed D Generation X.  No Way Out 2000, saw Gunn get a legitimate arm injury and he left DX after “losing his cool” and fighting with each member. Road Dogg was released in 01 and Billy Gunn followed in 04. 

After leaving WWE, they both joined TNA at different times. TNA decided to put them back together as James Gang. They were with TNA for a fair while and they won the tag titles there once. Fast forward to 2012 and both men returned on the RAW 1000 episode. NAO was back for one night only to be with a reformed D Generation X. In 2013, they appeared on an episode Old School RAW where they beat Primo and Epico. Back on Old School RAW the following year, they were in the corner of CM Punk as he went against Roman Reigns. They teamed with CM Punk two further times against The Shield, the last time abandoning Punk and turning heel once again. 

They won the tag titles off of Goldust and Cody Rhodes at Royal Rumble, their sixth and final reign. They retained them against the brothers and then The Usos at Elimination Chamber, unfortunately during a rematch with The Usos, they lost the titles. NAO teamed with Kane to go against The Shield at WrestleMania XXX. They lost, and due to another legitimate injury to Gunn NAO took time off until 2015. They returned face where they attacked The Ascension with NWO and APA, this sanctioned a match between NAO and The Ascension in which NAO lost. They appeared one final time at WrestleMania XXXI in the ring with Triple H, Shawn Michaels and X PAC against Sting and the NWO. It was a truly electric moment as two of the biggest teams in WWE history had one final battle in which they helped Triple H beat Sting. 

Nowadays, Road Dogg is the head writer for the SmackDown brand whilst Billy Gunn is still wrestling on the Independent scene. One year, The New Age Outlaws will be in their rightful place in the WWE Hall of Fame.

If you’re not down with that, then we’ve got two words for you: