Women of Independent Wrestling

I was scrolling through Twitter, when I saw a Tweet from former professional wrestler Madusa retweeted onto my timeline. The Tweet was quite simple:

It inspired me to write this blog post on the wonderful women of independent wrestling.

As we all know, wrestling beyond the WWE exists. In the past couple of years Indie wrestling has become bigger and more dominant and it’s not just men who are making names for themselves, the women are too. Back in August, some of the best names in women’s wrestling took part in the eagerly awaited Mae Young Classic on the WWE Network. Names like; Toni Storm, Candice LeRae, Tessa Blanchard and winner Kairi Sane all showed old and new fans alike just what they can do.

In Indie wrestling, there is a lot of intergender wrestling. Take Candice LeRae, her tag team partner is the infamous Joey Ryan and together they are the World’s Cutest Tag Team. One of their most popular matches is against The Young Bucks at PWG where she took a shoe with thumb tacks glued to the bottom! The audience rightfully chanted “she’s hardcore” at her. There are other women who do a lot of intergender wrestling for example the Scottish wonder Session Moth Martina.

Women of independent wrestling like to make a name for themselves, one who does so is Toni Storm. 2017 has been an amazing year for her, she has not only appeared in WWE’s Mae Young Classic (as mentioned above), she has also won Westside Xtreme Wrestling – Femme Fatale and in Stardom she won the Cinderella Tournament and is current World of Stardom Championship and SWA World Championship. No wonder WWE want her to sign.

No matter where these women wrestle, from PROGRESS to Women of Honour, from North America to Japan they own the ring, and they own the crowd. Woman’s wrestling has never been so thrilling with more ways than ever to become a star, the ways of WWE’s Attitude Era is completely extinct as women now want to kick arse as much as if not more than men.

WWE themselves have signed some Indie badasses; Dakota Kai, Rhea Ripley, Jazzy Gabbert and even though she’s recovering from injury the awe inspiring Nixon Newell. They are also rumoured to be wanting to sign; Toni Storm, Candice LeRae, Viper and Tessa Blanchard. Even if WWE get those women, more women will slide into their role of greatness.

Wrestling isn’t just a man’s world anymore, now it’s a women’s world too.

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